10 Ways to Make Your Hotel’s Website a Booking Magnet

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Websites have become essential for any growing business let it be a hotel or any other field. Having a websites gives access to a vast platform with potential customers. In this article, we are sharing top 10 tips to enhance your hotel’s website so that it attracts more customers:


  1. Enable booking engine on website:

A Booking engine would allow your customers to check availability and make booking in real-time directly through the website. Most of the startups miss this simple tip.

  1. Rates:

Make sure that rates on various booking channels are integrated and same for all including your website. To achieve this, a simple solution is to install a channel manager through automated hotel management systems.

  1. Availability:

Every booking channel of your hotel should reflect real-time booking availability. It is essential since it will save you from getting overbooked by multiple customers for a single room. Problem sounds minor? It isn’t.

  1. Launching mobile app / mobile compatible website:

How many of your guests do not use mobile phones? Somewhere about 0.23 %, uh? Mobile app or mobile website is a great way to attract more guests since most of people use them and prefer them over PCs (at least when making a search like this).

  1. Confidence and security:

You are confident about your services, aren’t you? You are also providing security to your guests that they deserve, don’t you? This confidence and security should reflect by your website to make potential customers trust on your services.

  1. Website quality:

Is your hotel a crap? (Sorry, it was a little rude I know). Certainly it isn’t! Your website shouldn’t be either. Your website is online identity of your business reflecting it to millions and billions of people. Make sure it is good.

  1. Share user experience:

Your hotel’s website should be equipped with a section where your previous guest can post their experience. If your services are good enough, this section would be soon filled with positive reviews, increasing your trustworthiness among new / possible guests and increasing number of online bookings.

  1. Guide them!

You will notice many websites that do not guide guest about the booking process, one of the biggest mistakes made. This is a fundamental commerce concept essential to be followed by any online business.

  1. Monitoring the website:

Constantly keep an eye on how your website is performing and how much it is contributing in fetching you new guests. This would be easy to determine since all online booking would be recorded in the database.

  1. Keep updating:

If you feel like something is lacking or some elements are leaving negative impact to your website. Feel free to edit them. Feel free to remove content and add additional ones. After all it is your website; modify it in a way so that it represents your business perfectly.

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