4 Major Reasons to go for direct hotel bookings rather than OTAs

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With the world going “GAGA” over digital methods, the shift and focus to hotel bookings have been on a rise. The distribution landscape for hotel construction is increasing day by day and this, in turn, gives rise to the online booking of hotels. Earlier the hotels had to go through many shifts while trying to get a guest into their hotel. Advertising it on newspapers, TV, going through a middleman were some of the key aspects when it came to staying atop in the race. But, despite all the hard work when it came to revenue generation the hotels fell short.

This paved the way for direct bookings on the respective websites. This trend was very much helpful for travellers who were on the lookout for a hotel in the specified area. Direct bookings proved to be a weapon for the commoners as it helped them book a hotel without any hassle. Another major reason for hotel booking was the commission which the hoteliers did not have to pay anyone. Some of the major reasons why direct hotel bookings proved to be beneficial:

Transparency: The first and the foremost reason why direct booking is the most preferred destination for hotel reservation is the transparency which it provides.  Users can head to the website directly and take a look at the how the room looks like and the facilities that it provides.  OTAs on the other hand sometimes are not equipped with such transparent method.

Offer a discounted rate: People often believe that booking through OTAs does have some advantage but in fact, the price is relatively higher. The belief that they will get the best deals out of the OTAs is annihilated as the commission is around 15-20%. Direct booking enables the “No Commission” mode which debars the hotelier from paying any extra commission for a guest.

Customization of the website: Though OTAs provide a plethora of hotels to choose from, the basic thing they lack is the appearance. A website is what gives a hotel its own identity and the scope of customization is always very high on the website rather than its listed replica. Choosing a room is relatively easier through direct bookings than through OTAs. A clear distinctive feature of direct hotel bookings is the vivid clarity of the images of the room. Many times we tend to find out that the images in OTAs are not proportionate with the original ones.

Complimentary Services: Online travel agencies are known to be fixed i.e., the price for each room is fixed and even if the hotelier wants to provide some extra add-ons he won’t be able to do so because of the price tag that is associated with it. On the other hand, direct booking services can offer complimentary services as part of the package. Some of the services can also be classified as free perks owing to the choice of the hotelier.

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