5 Reasons Why Reservation Enquiry Form Is Dead

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5 Reasons Why Reservation Enquiry Form Is Dead

When reservation enquiry from were developed they were the best way (since they were the only way) to gather data regarding to interested guests before they actually arrive to your hotel. However, situation does not remain same all the times. Most of the hotel booking systems is eliminating reservation enquiry forms due to several reasons. Here are some of them to give you a clear idea:

  1. Guests are not patient enough:

So let us face the fact, most of the guests want their reservations confirmed as fast as possible and move their attention towards planning their trip. You are much likely to lose some customers just because they were unable to locate your form.

Guest accept a quick response if their reservation is complete or not and their booking on the given dates are finalized or not. Reservation inquiry forms are quite old technology and would not serve the instant peace of mind to your guests.

  1. Your guests would consider you outdated:

Knowing that you still use reservation inquiry form, your guests would start believing that you technology and property is not advance enough as expected by them. They would also start doubting upon your guest experience. Ultimately, they slow process of reservation inquiry form would provide them with plenty of extra time to develop extra negativity towards your service. Results: lost some valuable guests.

  1. They creep you out too:

You will require manually going through each inquiry form and determining if they are considerable or not, simultaneously spending on email and phone calls. This process is certainly a hassle and cost you additional time and resources. The impact would be reflected negatively on your revenues. These forms only attract people who are 100% sure about your service. Rest of will only makes you waste your time and energy.

  1. Efficient methods have been developed:

Online booking systems are developed enough to become efficient for any small-big hotel. Booking with them automatically updates all your channels with your latest availability details. There will be no requirement to waste your time and energy on manually filling the entries.

  1. Avoiding over bookings:

Implementing automation to your booking system does not only improve efficiency in booking and payments, but also allows you to control your multiple booking channels simultaneously. As all your channels will be integrated in a single system, there would not be any risk of over bookings by multiple guests which may harm your image.


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