5 Tips To Get More Room Nights Sales from Your Hotel Website

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Do you wish to increase the sales or booking for your hotel room from your hotel website? if you have the website, you simply cannot sit back and wait for the technology miracle to happen. Unless you do not have the right technology or algorithm for bringing the right traffic or for enhancing the online visibility of your website, there is no way you can get the desired room night sales from your hotel website. Therefore, we have outlined for you some simple methods by which you can brand your website to a larger group of audience to bring the desired online booking. Have a read:

1. Make Your OTAs Well: The OTAs (Online Travel Portals) – as insignificant as it might seem to the hotel website owners, the greater importance it holds for improving the sales analytics of the website. It is high time that the hoteliers get used to the online platforms and get adapted to dealing with the OTAs to generate the desired bookings. The OTAs could serve as the most effective marketing platforms to build your reputation in the market.

2. Make Your Listing Worthwhile: Now that you have made your online presence with the use of the Online Travel Portals, merely getting your hotel’s name on the list wouldn’t do wonders for you. Hence, to ensure high customer retention rate for your website, you must ensure that you are providing sufficient volume of room nights, your inventories are updated, you have elegant visuals and gallery section and complete description of the exclusive services offered to the potential customers by your online hotel business.

3. Obtain Handful of Customer Reviews: Customer reviews matter a lot to any online business portal. The hoteliers could obtain healthy reviews from their customers by offering a business card with a message, inviting the valuable reviews during checkout, bringing in reviews through E-mails and so more. Some hoteliers can even leverage the use of technology to manage the customer reviews like by having in-room iPads.

4. Affordable Pricing Offers: That one factor which drives the success of any online hotel business is the flexibility in the pricing offered by the website. The main objective of the flexible pricing policy adopted by the hoteliers worldwide is to ensure maximum revenue generation in addition to the increased room night sales.

5. Tracking the Online Behavior of Customers: The hoteliers who have taken their business online and wish to maximize the room night sales must be able to track the customer behavior not only on their website but also on all the OTA platforms wherever their visibility exists. They can make efficient use of the Google Analytics to track the progressive behavior of the customers on the online media which would help them in analyzing the reasons why the customers are dropping out or bouncing off their personalized website. Using this innovative method of feedback engine, the website owners can monitor the online interest of the customers and what exactly do they look for in an online hotel website.

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