A Guide To Hotel Marketing Strategies

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It’s an industry where experience is key to attracting and retaining guests. Traditional marketing tactics can sometimes fall flat when creating memorable experiences. That’s where a hotel’s staff comes into play!

Your staff are your biggest brand advocate. Hoteliers can compete with other  hotels  by tapping into the power of their employees.

First, encourage your staff to write positive reviews on platforms like TripAdvisor and Google business.

Your staff members can share positive guest experiences on social media, helping to build hotel credibility and trust with potential guests.

Your Hotel staff can take photos and videos of the property, its amenities, and nearby attractions to share on their social media platform by tagging the hotel, also sharing some special events or promotions on social media will help create word-of-mouth advertising for the hotel

Hotel employees can create personalized experiences for guests by offering special amenities, recommending local attractions, or providing customized services based on guest preferences and requesting them to share some positive feedback for themselves, as well as for the hotel will have a huge impact on the hotel branding.

Staff Sharing some behind-the-scenes glimpses of their housekeeping, food preparation, decoration, etc in social media can help to create a strong brand identity and attract new guests.

Lastly, consider implementing employee referral programs so that your staff can give extra effort on their service and drive bookings and increase loyalty.

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