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The features you should look for when choosing a booking engine for your website are as follows.

Hotel software has revolutionized the hospitality industry. It’s not enough to have your hotel on a search engine, but rather you want them to stop by your website and find it a perfect fit for booking. With technology, customers can search for available rooms, compare prices and packages, and book their stay with ease. This software also provides hotels with useful insights on customer behavior, enabling them to make decisions on how best to serve their guests. For hotels, who want to stay ahead of the competition in an ever-evolving industry, investing in the best hotel software is essential.

The story of a hotelier and a booking is one that involves a deep understanding of the customer journey. They need to make sure that customers have an easy time, navigating their website and can find what they are looking for quickly. With the right booking engine, hoteliers can provide an exceptional experience for their customers and increase direct bookings at the same time.But with so many different types of software available, it can be hard to find the right one for your business. That’s the reason you should go with a Intelligent booking engine having following features. Read on and discover the  best software for your business.

3-click booking engine :This feature allows your customers to complete a reservation in just three clicks. The goal is to make the booking process as quick and easy as possible for your customer. It can be integrated into a  hotel’s group website, or also for a standalone hotel website that allows customers to book multiple  rooms .

Single Booking Page

No more juggling between pages/screens to book a room, no more cluttered checkouts. Upgrade your booking engine with a single-page booking process for an outstanding user experience. It’s time to make your visitors’ life easier and keep a high standard of quality with the one-page booking process. simplified checkout are already been designed to eliminate unnecessary steps and let users book quickly and effortlessly ,Its time to experience the convenience of booking in one page.

Create Coupons

If you are looking for an innovative way to promote your business and drive more direct bookings? Create customized Coupons in the booking engine.With the automated platform, you can quickly generate customized promotional coupons that grab the attention of your target audience and incentivize them to book direct with you. There are user-friendly platform allows you to quickly and easily create custom coupons tailored specifically to your hotel.  With the dynamics of publishing Coupons, it’s never be a difficult job to increase the direct bookings and grow the business.

Multi property

Wish you could have a single booking engine for all your properties if you are running a chain of hotels or you are an aggregator! Your Booking engine should make it easy to setup and manage multiple properties, allowing you to create a seamless experience for your customers. It should offer a unique multi-property feature that allows you to manage all your properties in one place. With the intuitive dashboard and easy-to-use features, you can create a seamless experience for your customers.


Powerful integration with the GDS ,PMS and all the other online booking  platform automatically should be the major attractions for any booking engine, also it is important to connect your existing processes, applications, and systems. with the industry-leading booking engine it will allow you to manage your business operations quickly and easily without any hassle.

Dynamic Pricing

Booking Engine provides you with the ability to adjust your pricing in real time, so you can make the most of market demand. In just a few clicks, you can maximize your profits by continuously adapting to the ever-changing market conditions. dashboard and Easy-to-use features ensure that your non-tech savvy users can  also set up and monitor their dynamic pricing strategy with a smart booking engine.

Rate Calendar

There are Booking engine which  gives you a single calendar to manage and check date wise rates in a few clicks. The rate Calendar lets you easily identify the best rate for each day and maximize your profits, it will also impact the bottom line ,This feature is now widely used by the hoteliers to make them self stay ahead of the competition.

Rate Calendar by bookingjini

Quick Payment Link

It Simplifies the payment process for everyone involved. By Creating, quick payment links directly from your booking engine and receive payment directly is a way more easy job for the hoteliers and their customers both without creating a  invoices manually or for  chasing the payments.

Custom Themes

Your booking engine should not look different from the website theme as your website implies your brand , With the increasing demand for personalization your booking engine, the dynamic custom themes provide you with the ability to select different themes for your booking engine in order to personalize it to your brand website and create an experience that customers love & stands out from the crowd.

Amenities and Photos

A simple-to-use solution allows hotels to add and delete amenities and pictures directly in their booking engine. This helps to create a more engaging guest experience, boost direct bookings, and increase overall revenue and brand value.Its all about showcasing your complete amenities, USPS and your right pictures in the right place.

Email & SMS

This is the last step for a booking journey, It can quickly generate invoices and send automated SMS notifications directly from your booking engine with just a few clicks With your customers, your guests will receive all their necessary information on time, means, you and your customers will never miss out on bookings due to invoicing or notifications ever again.

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