Channel manager for a successful Hotel Business

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Channel manager for a successful Hotel Business

One of the vital questions that hoteliers keep asking is, if they would be able to channelize all their revenues made online into one single window. Channel Manager is a software which facilitates the options for distribution of hotels, vacation rentals and other types of accommodation onto the website where a traveller would be able to book a room. It always keeps you updated with the rates, calendar, and the content thereby saving the precious time of the property manager and reducing the probable errors.

Let us take a look on what should the qualities of a suitable channel manager for a successful hotel business be-

It fetches you live rates and availability – Sometimes the property manager of several hotels keep varying their rates across different websites. Channel manager integrates all your rates, inventories, front desk system and revenues, implying that you would have a single window for all your transactions. You can update your rates or stop sells at a click of a button; this software is always at the helm of your choice.

Helps in Boosting and Managing your Inventory – Connecting to your channel partners becomes easier with channel manager as it reduces the extra labour needed for manually updating all your data into your property management system. It automatically updates your inventory and rates across all your channels and processes the booking information directly.

Connecting several OTAs – OTAs can be considered a junction when it comes to pulling visitors into your website. These agencies serve as the gateway for hotels to visitors who seem quite farfetched. The job of the channel managers is to get connected to these OTAs and serve as a platform for grabbing the visitors.

The best channel manager isn’t the one which connects your hotels with other online channels but the one which would be able to cover multiple sources through the hotels direct booking engine.


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