Choice of destination | Defining your Customer’s Hotel Booking Strategy

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The moment you plan a travel you generally think of a far off destination in another country. This generally is the notion of the people which builds up when they plan to take an off-period and head to some far flung areas. Generally, the options vary accordingly and the most obvious choices are the hill stations or the places which have adventure sports as their primary attraction. People flock these regions with fun and frolic to spend their holidays with enthusiasm and with a great sense of joy.

However, booking also plays a pivotal role in setting up the traveling schedule. Since the introduction of online booking, a lot of changes have taken place and one of them is the ease with which booking is carried out. As of now Direct Booking is the best way to book for a hotel which is facilitated by the Direct Booking Engine integrated into your Hotel’s website.

Did you know?

Your online booking process depends on your place of travel. The place you travel has lots to do with how you see the place to be or how you assume the place to be as soon as you reach there. Online travel agencies have been at the forefront of online hotel booking strata and visitors have been very happy with these online channels. Reputed OTAs like Expedia and Booking have taken the world by storm when it comes to booking online. Imagine a person traveling to Indonesia from India. After his arrival at the airport, he may head to the hotel directly because he had booked online before some days when there was availability in the hotel. Now, had he not booked and reserved his room online, he would have taken the spot on booking route and that would have proved detrimental to his stay. Online travel agents are sometimes considered to be extracting a high amount of commission and so to avoid visitors have a check across the website for direct hotel booking.

On the other hand, the commission offered by direct hotel booking platform is very low, so the room rate also diminishes in comparison. Travelers who are aware of it generally look for the hotel on the OTA website but head to the hotel website for booking purpose. This, in turn, benefits the hoteliers and the visitors as well. This usually happens when people go from a developing country to a developed country. A person going from India to Australia would find Australian dollar to be highly priced so he would opt for direct online hotel booking rather than booking through OTAs. INR being cheap against AUD would cost him more while booking through OTAs, but booking directly through the website would release some amount of pressure and even the cost would come down. So this is how booking directly comes into the picture. Direct Booking is also a way by you can be treated with extra discount which can be very helpful if you are traveling to far off places which can burn a hole in your pocket. So have this on your website on your website so that your customer gets attracted to your hotel in the way they are attracted to the particular destination.

Hoteliers have found direct hotel booking to be more convenient, as these companies not only provide a hotel booking engine but also provide a reliable Channel Manager for Hotels by which the hotel owner is able to manage all his OTA channels. Hotels from across the world use OTA and direct hotel booking and have been benefiting from these two different kinds of booking platforms. Most of the traveler do care about the reviews and it has also been found that a whopping 60% of the traveler before booking a hotel check out for the review of the hotels. Websites have also been equipping the review page in their website so that the traveler no longer has to go for a Metasearch engine for gaining reviews.

A hotel’s revenue completely depends on their travelers and the amount of online booking is surely going to increase. A traveler’s choice of holiday destination is what matters the most when opting for a travel type.

So do what suits best to your customer’s needs and get them the required deal so that they go for your hotel.

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