Combating your Online Booking Cancellations by Customers.

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Easy Online Bookings also implies easy Cancellations.

Digitization has made things easier for us but is it has also made those things easier which probably create problems for us and are a matter of concern. With most of the hotels garnering bookings through Direct Bookings with the help of Direct Booking Engine for Hotels integrated into their website and through various other online platforms, it has also become easier for the customers to cancel their bookings as easily as possible.

Online Booking has given them the liberty of booking anytime and cancelling anytime as per their will on which you have no say and it totally depends on their choice whether they wish to continue with their booking or not. So, how do you overcome this problem which has been quite on an unexpected rise because somehow or the other customers lose confidence in the booking they have done.

You have got to take care of little things which will help you to hold on to your customers so that they don’t cancel their booking with you. You don’t want them to only visit your website and not continue with the procedure with the further procedures.

Online Booking is prone to a higher rate of cancellation because of certain factors which create an environment where they give your customers a lot of option.

You should always give discounts to people if they pay the entire amount of the booking through your website. Giving this will urge them to go for your hotel and prevent them from checking through other platforms and stop them from looking for a more lucrative deal. This will also result in less cancellation caused due to price-check across other platforms. A discount before-hand will help you create a psychological effect and help you win them. You should help maintain a good word-of-mouth around so that the customer doesn’t change his mind after booking with you. A good website with services true to its value being posted will help you win over customers and help you to win their trust and avoid cancellation of the booking.

You should set up a pre-stay email to send to your customer a week before their arrival so that they are reminded of their booking. This email will contain certain information about the cancellation policies and with this, you can also remind them of the amazing time they will be having with you with your amazing range of services. And still, if the customer wants to cancel their bookings, you have got time to sell your property to your customer with a better pitch and win them over with your better explanation of the services provided which they might have failed to understand when they were booking online with you.

You should always focus on collecting proper data of the guests who will be visiting you. Talk to that customer and retrieve specific information behind their cancellation and again try to resell your property with the help of a refurbished pitch and maybe this time you are able to win over that particular customer. You will be able to tackle specific problems of your customers in a specific manner and in this way you might save a booking.

Customer reviews are a must in any kind of business and especially in the hospitality industry a precious word-of-mouth is important which will help you attract new customers and a lack of these or a bad review may result in your customer returning back and cancelling with you. So to avoid these unwanted conditions you should always focus on good customer services and values which will reflect in your number of bookings.

Another way to avoid cancellations is to maintain proper inventory across all channels to avoid over-bookings and which will help you to sell these rooms in a better manner. For this, you should always go for a Channel Manager for Hotels for proper handling of inventories across all channels. You can control your inventory through a single dashboard.

So, follow the correct steps to win over your prestigious customers and build up their confidence to book with you and give them a reason to do the same and so that they don’t move to other channels and eventually you end up losing them.

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