Direct Bookings: Gets you treated with discounts and privileges

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In 2018, give a twist to your vacation experience by directly booking hotels and enjoy the add-ons and the delicious spread of services on the hotel’s platter.

Though customers were doing online booking for Hotels, they were through other mediums which generated bookings for them but not the growth that they wanted. But with the direct booking of hotels through their websites, they will be able to achieve both bookings and growth, which is equally important.

With hotels now starting to realize that Direct Bookings are the way ahead for them, they are now providing unique benefits to customers who come in by booking directly. Customers are given a lot of added incentives.

The hotels are doing this because direct bookings help the hotels to grow as a brand and an increased revenue model which ultimately works towards the hotel’s growth and improved online presence which was earlier being curtailed.

Now let’s see what all benefits we will get if we do a Direct Booking for our next vacation.

1> Exciting Discounts: Customers are provided with some extra rate cuts if they come in through direct booking. Most of the hotels have this offer displayed on their website which compels the user to go for the booking and avail the special discount.

2> Complimentary Services: Want to get that princely treatment which you have always dreamt off?

Then go for the direct booking and get lucky and enjoy the exquisite complimentary treatment provided by the hotels.

3> Priority Passes: These can be provided by the hotels to the customers who are regular guests for them and who come in through direct bookings. These passes can carry CV points which get an increment every time the customer goes for a direct booking and these points can be redeemed at the end of the year for special services or discounts. The more you book direct, the more the points.

4> Raining Cashbacks: As it is the age of digital wallets and digital currencies which have brought in the unique way of pleasing customers, i.e. through cashback. Customers can get special cashback if they do an online booking of the hotel directly through the Hotel’s websites.

Now, when on your next vacation just type in the hotel name and book with them directly and enjoy all the special treatment which you will be an enticing experience for you and will make that vacation of yours a great one and which will make you cherish it forever.

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