Efficient Complaints handling implies happy Customers!

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Issues and Complaints should be dealt with properly,

Because only then it will make your customer’s experience heavenly.

Problems and issues are the main obstacles on your path which disrupt your flow and cause a dent in your Hotel’s Business if that is not dealt with properly. Complaints handling shows your persistence and your perseverance in listening to your customers and shows your ability to handle difficult situations and give your customers the best services possible.

As someone said, it’s difficult to build things but it’s more difficult to repair them. You may have come up with some exotic services for your customers which will give them a world-class experience but it all boils down to how well you handle it when your customer face any difficulty. Remember; always have a Plan-B in hand because it’s as important as the first one.

Hoteliers should have quality customer service teams who should be able to assist the customers in whatever situation they are in. Support team should be prompt in action and should work accordingly in the best interest of your customers. Support teams should be polite and kind in helping them out and shouldn’t rush through things because that would make the customers uncomfortable and you could lose out on your valuable customer.

Handling Complaints in the following way will help you earn your customer’s respect and you will automatically be on the good books of the customers. Valuable reputation will be earned through this because we human beings have this ability to see anybody as a messiah who helps them in their difficult times. So, be a messiah for your customer by lending them a helping hand during their tough times.

Because the better you handle your customer’s grievances,

The more they will come back to you looking for choices.

Complaints handling can be done in many ways such as setting up around the clock team to assist each and every customer who have excellent communication and problem handling skills. The team should work with a cool mind and should listen to all their queries.

The hotel staffs are the people who directly interact with the customer. They are the ones who know customer’s issues better because they are operating at that level. If we can build an App which can be used for handling complaints of the customers then it will be done in a more efficient manner and the work done will be more full-proof.

Apps help us to coordinate even better and will allow the customer to directly lodge a complaint with the staff and allow them to avail the services. Hoteliers should also see to it that the services are full-proof because as the old proverb goes “Prevention is better than cure.” It’s better to give simple but nice services rather than exaggerating about the rich services that your hotels will give and then fail at it and create a bad impression.

So, go for the best services and actively participate in your customer’s Complaint handling and make their problems and issues on your own. Your customer is very valuable to you and is if he is unhappy then you might be serving that customer for the last time.

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