Efficient Housekeeping in Hotels means More Customers

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Clean room and clean surrounding what makes a happy customer. A well-planned cleanliness program should be maintained by the Hotel to win over your customer.

Because we believe the way up to your customer’s heart can only be found by following the clean and healthy way. It’s the human nature to always go for anything that is clean and maintained well.

Hotel housekeeping is the arguably the most hectic task for the hoteliers but if that’s not done nicely then the hoteliers should not think of making it to the top because not doing it can hold them from becoming a successful hotelier.

As the old proverb goes, Cleanliness is the mother of Godliness, it holds true in all fields wherever we go. Bad unkempt rooms can bring down your customer’s morale and don’t ever think of getting that person again to stay at your hotel.

According to a recent survey, cleanliness is what which decides which hotel they should go to and which hotel they should not. Badly maintained rooms are not the way to achieve that pinnacle of success which you have been vying for.

According to a famous Chinese proverb,

He who does not regularly put on clean socks will never get used to circus life.

Accordingly, the hotel which doesn’t put on clean socks will never be counted among the favourite destination among the potential customers.

Here, we have brought to you a few tips and tricks to maintain your hotel well and attract more customers:

1> Proper Planning – Proper planning is the solution when it comes to maintaining a hectic cleaning schedule in the Hotel. Plan and plan properly to clean properly to achieve that level of success which is expected of you. The first step towards this is to hire properly skilled staffs who know their work well and won’t create a problem when it comes to their work. A proper rooster chart should be maintained specifying each one of them the work they have to do and also specifying the time at which they have to do the work.

The work should be done at regular intervals and proper

2> Interval Cleaning– The time at which the cleaning is to be done should be decided by the hotelier according to their conveyance. The interval should be maintained properly so as to give proper service to your customers. The interval can be chosen weekly, daily or on a certain hourly basis.
Cleaning at regular intervals will help you maintain the room well and will attract customers to your hotel.

staffing should be done so that whenever a customer asks for room-service the excuse of “no staff” should not be given to them.

3> What you should clean?

Furniture, floor and the most important thing Toilet are the areas which should be taken care of. Clean everything and forget nothing should be the success code of your cleaning staff.

Wooden items should be kept clean as keeping it clean will make your customers happy and moreover will help you maintain your assets nicely. Floors and walls are important areas to focus on when it comes to cleaning and they should be definitely be taken care of because these are the things on which the customer’s eyes fall when they enter your room.

The most important thing, i.e. THE TOILET is the most important area to be focused on when it comes to cleanliness because whenever any guest enters your room, the first thing that they will check out is your toilet because no matter what your guest will definitely want that thing clean.

Floors and walls of the toilet should be sprayed on nicely and not a single track of dirt should be ignored.

Proper cleaning tools should be used to effectively do that job. If possible organic substance should be used for cleaning because that is better than the chemical substances which many hoteliers use for doing that thing.

A nice aromatic room should be maintained after the cleaning is done because a nice aroma sets up the mood of the customers.

Proper clean bedrolls should be maintained to give a nice look to your bed and rooms should be decorated with flowers and other decorating stuff because that brings a nice rejuvenating feel to your room and make your guests feel lively.

Cleanliness is what which your customers look for and you should definitely provide your guest with that. Clean and tidy is where people want to spend their happiest time together and to help them make happy clean memories at your place and if you fail to provide that then your guest will only take back bad memories with them.

Having a good housekeeping staff will also earn them tips from customers if they like your team’s service. So, your staff can have an external source of income if they do their job well.

So, you should encourage them to do their work properly to  hold the good and clean name of your hotel up and high.

Thus, a clean hotel will help you make happy customers and will boost your hotel’s name.

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