FOOD: A Marketing Tool which Excites Taste buds.

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Good Food is Good Mood.

The things that make a Good Restaurant Good is the quality of food that it serves and the ambience it provides to its customers. People dine out with family and friends to enjoy themselves and satiate their hunger with great food.

People like to excite their taste buds once in a while with great food and restaurant should create such a vibe which pushes these people to come to their restaurant Again and Again.

Food is the biggest factor which decides the popularity of a  restaurant.

“Quality is not an accident, its the result of intelligent effort.”

The restauranteurs have to put quality before anything else because that is your USP to an exotic food being served at your hotel which creates a place in the hearts of the people.

Great Food can also make way for a great marketing strategy because we humans are always attracted towards food because its kind of always soothes our soul and gives us that level of satisfaction which no other thing can give.

Marketing through food has been adopted by many Hotels and Restaurants which makes a craving in the people’s mind for their food. Food served by the hotels can be marketed in the following manners:

1. Food Festival:- Food Festival is the best way to attract foodies and let them arouse their taste buds with your excellent spread out of food. Food festival always consists of food related to a certain region or can also be celebrated keeping in mind the ongoing festival. The food festival is the biggest attraction because the uniqueness and newness of the food incite them and in a way creates a name for your Hotel among the people.

2.Social Media:- Nowadays with social media becoming a heavenly paradise for marketers and businessmen alike, it has become a platform where anybody can share anything. As the best way to market your food is through photos, photo sharing sites like Instagram, Facebook, etc. have become the go-to site for sharing photos of the Food served by the Restaurants. With half the people nowadays relying on reviews before visiting any place so creating a good reputation on Social Media helps the restaurants.

With food delivery apps such as Zomato, Swiggy, etc. also gaining pace in the market, it provides a great place for restaurants to market the food that they serve.

3. YouTube:- What can be more spectacular than a visual representation of the food that you make by releasing videos on YouTube, keeping in mind that the recipes are not disclosed. The videos should show exotic visuals of the process which incites excitement in people’s mind. The videos should also contain reviews of the customers who have visited your restaurant. Having a great interior and showing them visually also helps in creating interests among people’s mind.

4.Food Challenge:- This is a western trend which is quickly picking up in the country and with many major restaurants coming up with their own exciting food challenges, it excites the foodies who always look forward to these things in which they can test their eating ability. Food Challenges also makes a name for the restaurant name with the help of the promotion done on Social Media.

As we say the food is the secret to a man’s heart and has been the basic pillar of many great friendships, it has also become a great marketing tool for the restaurants.

So, why should you stay behind instead of serving your way to the top?

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