How important is to do digital marketing of your hotel?

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Go online!

Go digital!

This has been the cry for of the Industrial Sector since a few years and the Hospitality Sector has undergone major transformation due to this. Digitalism has really caught on to this sector because of which they can expect a higher ROI and better rate of return. Hospitality Industry among the top 10 industry which engages customers on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

With it engaging more and more customers on Social Media, you must have got the idea of how important it is to keep that online audience updated with all your latest activities and why you should adopt Digital Marketing in this age of digitization.

According to reports, around 60% of people came to know about various hotel through Social Media.

People go to places and post stories which are seen by their friends and relatives and thus a word of mouth or to say a digitized word of mouth is spread and it helps you to get visibility.

Today Social Media is not an option but is a necessity for all the Hotels. It is the best place where people look for reviews of your property because your customer is your best critic and people judge you on the basis of that.

Social Media should be extensively used for marketing of Hotels because it provides the perfect leeway into the world of Digital Marketing.

When it comes to Digital Marketing there are various ways by which you can do it such as PPC, SEO, E-mails, etc. These different channels have their separate goals and a competition is created among these channels which work to the advantage of the Hoteliers. They support each other’s efforts towards better targeting, lower costs and higher revenue.

Digital Marketing provides you with the perfect platform to share your campaign on a large scale. Since the increase in the number of people using the internet, your campaign will grab more eyeballs if done online.

Nowadays, everything is just a click away. People are relying on the internet for any kind of research and booking needs and this number has been on a rise. So, spending money on the digital campaigns will definitely give you positive returns.

Digital Marketing helps you to target a specific audience which will definitely pay heed to your campaigns through which you will generate interest in them. Targeted posts on Social Media or a well-crafted e-mail to your customers will definitely help you earn important brownie points. According to Social Media Today, emails with social sharing buttons increase click-through rates by 158%. Whereas email marketing-informs the customer personally and directly, social platforms help to spread messages across a large database.

The next big thing in Digital Marketing will be to focus on the mobile-based platform which will give them better reach owing to more use of smartphones by people. Mobile Shopping has caught up with the people lately and hoteliers should use this situation to their advantage by launching apps and by using mobile exclusive social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat.

More the users of the internet, more the visibility which you can possibly generate through your campaigns. Create a website with all your details and your offerings in a well-listed down manner and participate in these campaigns to gain that visibility which is not possible through offline marketing.

And lastly, people’s memories and experience matters which can be best shared on Social Media and which helps others to look into what your Hotel actually provides.

So, follow the lead and go digital rather than sticking to those old-school marketing and gain the visibility and see your hotel rising through the ranks.

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