How is Visual Content changing the World time and again ?

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One of the major concerns of people around the globe is that they want a visual of each and everything. Be it a monument, a place, a technology, each of the bits should be clustered into a visual graphic or a video. People have restricted themselves to reading novels and instead started watching movies based on those books by the same name. The impact has been so phenomenal that even it has affected industries which were earlier available only on paper. The differentiation between a text and an image arises when we try to perceive things by seeing it through our naked eyes rather than go on to have a full-fledged study on the topic. It is because, we have always been acclimatized to graphics and videos more than text and writing pieces.

Some stats that come up with a global acknowledgement on visuals being more appealing than texts are:

●Contents with visuals get 94% of views, where a mere 20% go for text or written piece.

●Social media shares like photos and videos get the most likes and views and also account for most number of shares.

●Presentations are the most appealing form of visual contents accounting for nearly 30 million shares and views.

●Nearly 65% of the people around the world are visual learners

●90% of online shoppers find videos as the most appropriate way of making a decision.

Content have had an impact on the mindset of people and the visual way of doing it has made more than “some” headlines. The main reason behind paying attention to visuals is because of the laziness and swiftness of the brain which defines the success of visual content. Our brain processes image 60000 times faster than it does with texts. Think about reading a book and watching a movie based on the same movie, it will be startling because the book is more detailed but visuals will make it interesting. This is because of the cognitive thinking that many of us are not aware. Smart work is a term which is often associated with effective outcome but sometimes it leads to shortcut which often is related to laziness.

Earlier in the hospitality sector, hotels did not have their websites as offline bookings dominated the sector but with changing times hotels came up with their own website. Why did they do it? Was it necessary? Today it is all about online booking and visitors before booking a room check into your website to see the quality of the room. Direct hotel booking B2B companies have taken up the responsibility to build website in such a way that it gets the maximum number of bookings. Be it hotel booking engine or the channel manager, B2B companies are putting up visuals into almost everything.

It can be concluded that people grasp graphics more than texts and written pieces but the active quotient of the brain fades away. Visual graphics are definitely the best way to market products and services because of the resulting output that is gained by doing it.

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