How SEO can be beneficial for the Hotels?

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Enter Hotel Name in the Google Search bar and hit enter.

What do you see?

OTAs with which you are registered and you will find your Hotel’s website after all the OTAs you are registered with.

Well, you might be wondering why this is happening. Because now is the time when hotels are moving towards direct booking by leaving behind the old method of generating bookings by registering with OTAs. Now, the hotel’s website is to act as a booking magnet.

Hotels are focusing on this to save themselves from the heavy commissions and to improve their online presence across all channels. And if your hotel’s site will not rank well then you will definitely miss out on this.

Here is where you have to work on your SEO and improve it to make your site easily accessible to your customer the moment they search your hotel’s name.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the thing which will propel your website up the google searches and will give you a boost. SEO generally refers to how well you have used the popular keywords in your site’s content and how well they are being ranked.

Well, the question that might have arisen is how do we do SEO.

The answer is simple.

Here are a few steps which you should follow:

1> Extensive Keyword Research: A detailed research should be done on the keywords which are to be used in the website of the hotel. SERP(Search Engine Ranking Position) of the keyword is also important. As the SERP ranks increases then you might get lucky when people search for your hotel.

This ranking is very important when it comes to SEO as it decides the weight of your keyword when it is being searched for on Google. Using long tail keywords will also help your SEO game increase.

For better keyword selection you can use Google’s AdWord Planner or BuzzSumo which will help you in your keyword selection.

You can also follow SEO expert Neil Patel expertise when it comes to using a keyword. His well laid out plan is of great use when it comes to using SEO.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to putting together a hotel SEO strategy and researching hotel-related keywords!

2>Working on your Meta Tag: Meta tags are very important when it comes to a website. Meta tags’ content is what Google displays on its search page. The more appropriately the keywords are used in the Meta tags the better search results it will display.

So, customize your Meta tags accordingly to make it among the top of the google searches.

3>Registering on popular Google tools: Google Places, Google My Business are a great place to register your business which will give you the required reach and will present your property in a more beautiful manner. These tools from Google will really help you in achieving that reach and will increase your site’s search result on Google.

4> Content is the King: Quality contents like Blogs, Info graphics, Podcasts, etc. will definitely help you in increasing your ranking on Google and will help you through the traffic.

Blogs, Blogs and more Blogs.

This is the thing which will help you in generating viewership and generating views by presenting articles on popular topics which will give your customer an informative insight into the industry. You should use your keywords very wisely when it comes to blogging and see to it that blogging is a regular activity on the table to boost that viewership and traffic which you wish for.

You can also go for a vlog which is basically video blogs which are visual in form and will keep your customers engaged. Videos are more interesting and customers will definitely go for it.

SEO purely depends on the keywords which you are using and that which the customers are searching for when they want to know about it.

Attractive websites, engaging contents are all that is needed to get this SEO game rolling.

SEO is the king when it comes to Google Searches and better you do it, better will be the search results when the customers search for it.

Developing a well-planned SEO programme will give you the required reach which you have always been longing for. A better SEO will give your website visibility and branding which will throttle your site rankings and help you grow. It gives you the traffic and credibility which will give a psychological advantage over your customers.

SEO gives you unmatched insights into your customer’s needs and better SEO will give your customers results according to their needs.

A better SEO means a better advertising and this free and effective method of advertising gives you the best ROI and will help in making your business grow and make your business seamless.

So, optimize well and see your Hotel grow through Google’s rank.

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