How the New Normal is changing the Hotel Industry

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Hoteliers and everybody else within the travel and hospitality industry are tasked with not just attracting guests, but also convincing folks that it’s safe to travel and get back guests. 2020 has changed the way we are getting to travel like never before.

Thinking out of the WAY

COVID-19 has forever changed our approach to travel and hospitality – a secure, clean travel experience isn’t a nice-to-have, it is a must.

Guests will scrutinize your health and safety protocols more closely than ever before. Meeting the minimum standards by local authorities, exceeding the event, will earn you the loyalty of stream of guests ready to escape their homes.

This also means your expectations from staff and guests got to change. Requesting them to wear masks, checking temperatures, sanitizing, maintaining social distance, etc. are acceptable standards.

Hotels will change & reduce their competitive set

First of all, even during the crisis, occupancy suffered but according to the new GOOGLE trend report there has been a steep increase in the occupancy & it will grow in the upward trend faster in pace but will continue to rise upward.

This new ray of HOPE is sufficient enough to clear all the air around related to travel, occupancy, customer, guests’ walk-in etc.

Flexi-travel – The new norm

COVID-19 has made travelers become more flexible than ever before.

Hotels, flights and activities are cancelled at the eleventh hour thanks to lockdowns, personal illness and even changed financial circumstances.
A flexible cancellation policy may be a huge attraction. Smart distribution and direct booking technology are critical to manage these last-minute changes and continue with evolving demand.

As the saying goes, “Every Cloud features a Silver Lining”, so also the hotel industry features a spearheading concept of going ahead & reaching the lives of the millions of people, thereby changing the whole scenario by articulated & protected manner .

Consumers ‘embrace of digital revolution.

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COVID-19 lockdowns have seen work, shop, socialize, and entertain themselves online more Than ever;  some for the very first time.

Hotels will adopt new technologies like self-check-ins and check-outstouch less payments, app-based services, augmented or computer games, and more. For hospitality organizations, this might be seen as an involve for participation to innovate and invest in digital technology.

Many hotels have started using Smart Channel Manager and Booking Engine software to distribute their Inventories in a robust manner.

More hotel companies will shoot into the “asset-light” wagon

Hotel companies become more brands, not bricks. Both Marriott and Hilton are the most important Hotel companies who are committed to an “asset-light” strategy; they both own little or no land.

As quoted by Mark Wynne Smith, Global Head of JLL’s Valuation Advisory, many hotel brand companies have divested land to concentrate on operating hotels.

Trust is going to be an essential parameter

Trust will play a pivotal role in enabling organizations to recover and rebuild within the near term, and thrive within the longer term.

Allowing businesses to reopen may represent a return to extent of normality, but consumers are still worried about COVID-19. They have to be ready to trust that organizations are taking sufficient action to guard their health.

Every hospitality-sector business will go to actively fit into place with consumers and correspond the steps they are taking to keep customers and employees safe—and exhibit how they’re living up to those commitments at every point of dealings. Our economy is made on trust and confidence among businesses and consumers.

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The COVID-19 pandemic is eventually fading.

The economy is recovering, and therefore the hospitality sector—from restaurants to hotels, casinos to sports—is regaining its footing and appearances forward confidently to a successful, thriving future.

Now’s the time for companies to act, adapt to the new normal, position themselves for nimbleness, and thrive within the years ahead.

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