How To Attract Young Travelers To Visit Your Hotel

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We know that young people aged between 18 and 35 are traveling more & with groups than any other generation did before them. They are traveling further and wider than their parents or grandparents, with a focus on new experiences and legitimacy. While they have money to spend, Young travelers aren’t always the easiest to market to.

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So, how can you make sure that your hotel stands out amongst the hundreds of other options in your area, out of which young travelers can access them with the touch of a button? Here are few insights for it –

Be a Technophile –

To make sure that younger travelers not only select your hotel but get pleasure from their stay and appraise well afterwards, it’s important to ensure that your services are tech-friendly and digitally expedient.

Start with the fundamentals that most travelers will now be expecting: free Wi-Fi in every room, plenty of power points, and access to global plugs. Then, it’s time to level up.

From ensuring that you have Netflix is available on televisions, to installing Bluetooth-accessible speakers in each room, the possibilities are endless. Consider digital tech that allows customers to check in, order room service, and contact hotel staff.

Depending on the size of your hotel and your budget, think about building an app exclusively for customers – it can incorporate imperative information about your hotel, their stay, and most prominently, recommendation and discount for attractions and restaurants in the local area.

Social Media is the new “RELIGION”  

  • 90% of Young travelers say their international travel decisions are influenced by social media.
  • Doing a little more deep diving 43% of Young travelers use OTAs to plan trips and take an average of 29 days per year.

Amongst the various social media channels “Instagram”, is the favored ideal choice for a hospitality business. With a primarily young audience, various marketing tools, and a visual medium to flaunt about your property, it’s the perfect place to get some attention from global travelers.

Instagram is one of the most admired ways to promote a travel-related business.

  • In Asia, 55% of millennial are said to book hotels based on social media, and Instagram is the favored platform.
  • 40% of consumers under 30 make a decision about a holiday based on how ‘Instagrammable’ a destination looks.
Dark Squad of Designers Productivity Tools ?

Few Tips on how to increase your hotel’s visibility on Instagram:

  1. Once you’ve created a few personas, you can integrate them with Instagram Audience Insights
  2. Another effective but time-consuming way to learn more about your audience is to go through individual profiles. mobile page on a mobile Safari browser

3. Be competitive with the rates  –

Young Travelers are quite concerned about their budget. Mainly because they wish to enjoy the trip without costing them much from their pocket. Choosing an easy on the pocket place to stay without hampering the quality of experience is a challenge for this audience segment.

As a hotelier, you need to have an alternative for such traveler’s. If you have elevated room rates even for little particular occupancy you won’t be a part of search results of low-budget travelers.

4. Address their safety concerns  –

Post COVID-19, the travelers have safety and hygiene as one of the primary concerns while booking any stay.  Moreover, these days, there is an augmentation in women’s safety issues.

As per a research done by AARP Travel Research.

  • 79% of women avoid solo travelling because of safety issues, whilst for men it is 93%.

You need to address their concerns in the best possible way to attract young travelers to your property. This can be done by implementing the prominence of the safety and security features of your property such as –

  1. CCTV – Your hotel should be 24*7 under CCTV surveillance. The right to view these footages should be available to the top management.
  2. Medical Emergency – Have a doctor on call at your property. Also, aim having a first aid kit at the greeting section of your hotel, or on each floor for any medical emergency.
  3. Fire Safety – Keep fire safety equipment on your premises. Also connect with your local fire fighting department to conduct a fire safety training or drill for your staff at habitual intervals.
  4. SOS Facility – Many hotels have a dedicated speed dial number for SOS emergencies. This is one of the most imperative features for women’s safety. They could reach out to the hotel’s vigilante department unswervingly in case of any mishaps.
  5. Dedicated Inventory – These days hotels have started to address women’s safety issues on a serious note. They keep a separate floor or series of rooms exclusively for female  travelers to stay.
Remember! Only safety running - tasty run!
  1. Make it relaxed for them to travel in the vicinity  –

A cab or a car is suitable and preferable while travelling in a group. This helps travelers to share their fixed cost equally. However, while travelling, this comes as a dent on their budget.

NYPD New York city

Hiring a cab for sightseeing and local travelling is the last thing young travelers would think of. They are already on a limited budget. So, they prefer more suitable ways such as exploring on-the-foot, renting a bicycle or a motorcycle for the entire duration of stay or using local transportation.

This new segment has paved a way for individual hotels and small home stays to generate revenue.

You need to be geared up for this segment of young travelers before your competitors do. Owing to COVID19, couple bookings/group booking tend to increase in the near future.

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