How to go about cleaning a Hotel Room and how often should you do it?

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“Cleanliness is the mother of Godliness”

Hotels Rooms have to strictly abide by this proverb. If not, then it will jeopardize its reputation. Rooms in a Hotels,  which are directly booked through Direct Booking Engine for Hotels which is popularly used by all the hotels nowadays, should be exceptionally clean before your next Guest checks-in. You shouldn’t expect your Guest to check-in and find an undone Bed or used tissues or clothes lying around.

Every Hotel staff’s duty is to make your Guest feel like they are at Home and giving them unclean rooms is definitely not you to achieve this goal. When a guest is out on vacation and stays put at your Hotel, he will definitely not like to start his vacation on a dirty note. He/she will definitely want a clean room and a clean space to dwell in during their vacation.

For a hotel, cleanliness is another major way to woo customers and is a very important part of a Hotel’s Customer Service albeit the most important one.

Room cleaning is an organized task which should be taken up by the Room Service staff. The work should be planned out very precisely so that not a single nook and corner should be left out while cleaning it. Also, the housekeepers should be skilled and should know their work very well to carry out the tasks nicely.

“Cleanliness is what differentiates a “GOOD” hotel from an “AFFORDABLE” one.”

It’s the actually the level of hygiene that you achieve that makes you stand out from the rest.

Now, when it comes to Hotel Rooms they need to be cleaned according to a schedule and you should do it because you should never expect the rooms to be clean after someone checks out.

So, how often should you clean it?

Cleaning a checked-out room: – Your guest might seem very neat and clean coming in with a prim and proper attire but you never know what they were dong behind the closed doors arguably for which they have paid and technically they can do anything they will in their room. So, it’s better to clean up their hotel-room fantasies before someone else comes in to exercise the same fantasies.

For a checked-out room, you should first strip the linens for new ones and arrange the bed properly and see that the furniture is in place. Mop the floor clean and vacuum clean everything and look for unwashed clothes or towels which might have been flung around by your guest. (Yes, this is among one of the fantasies of your guest, i.e. throwing around clothes without giving a damn where they land) So, look for these because you don’t want your next guest to find out. Your guest has come to enjoy a vacation not to discover unwashed clothes.

Ruffle up everything and stack the room with basic amenities (which might seem missing, courtesy one of the guest’s fantasies) and freshen the room with some spraying and make it ready to be occupied by the next guest.

Cleaning an Occupied Room-  Now this a tricky proposition for the house-keeping staff and you ought to be careful while doing this.

All occupied rooms are cleaned twice a day or when the occupant requests for it. Enter the room with permission and look for DND (Do Not Disturb) tag hanging from the door latch. If it’s there, then do not enter it.

Enter the room with permission and clean every trash and make up the beds and be careful of not touching any of the guest’s personal belonging and if you are doing it then take their permission.

Stack up the room with amenities if that has got over.

Daily cleaning of some of the things is needed as they are the things which get dirty very easily. They are:

–    Door Handles, Wood Works, Electronic Appliances- Clean them and spray disinfectant.

–    Moping the floor daily.

–    Clean the paintings.

–    Bathroom (Albeit the most important thing)

–    Empty the Bins

Beddings and Linen need to be changed on a span of every two-three days. A dirty bed definitely will make a bad impression. So, you ought to take care of it.

Things which are part of routine weekly maintenance such as checking light-bulbs, dusting walls, vacuum cleaning the sofas and furniture tops are to be done. Mirror polishing and checking tissue holders are part of a weekly maintenance job.

High-level cleaning such as ceiling cleaning drapes cleaning, scrubbing wash shower curtains make the part of a monthly routine job which needs to be done to give your rooms an extra tone of cleanliness.

Deep cleaning a room- You should do this once a month. It starts with stripping down all the linens. Cleaning every nook and cranny of the room. Repair any damaged carpentry and flooring if needed. Clean all the air conditioner units. Shine the windows and flip the beds too look for any interior damage and get it repaired. Check for any damaged electrical connections and get it repaired.

Remember the rooms are the segue that will provide you with the boost in business, so, keeping it clean will help you enjoy the boost.

Clean up to attract more guests and generate more business.

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