How to promote your hotel on instagram!

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There was a time when Facebook was considered as a great Social Media Marketing tool. A tool which will transform your way of doing business. But you might have missed the fact that its little sister has more ammunition in its arsenal which will fire up your business by a great distance. Instagram, the photo-sharing social media platform which came in 2010, is a much-fancied option than Facebook to market your Hotel in a more efficient manner.

And if your Hotel is not on Instagram then you are not getting your Social Media Act correct, if you think so. You have no idea know how that #hashtag or that photo or that story can market your business.

Instagram gives us a host of options to choose when it comes to marketing your hotel on Instagram. It comes with a plethora of things to do and which will help you in your Hotel Business.

Let’s take sneak peek at what you can do on it to take your hotel that extra mile.


Share a PHOTO or a short VIDEO and BOOM! There comes your first customer by seeing the majestic view of your Hotel. That photo or that video will definitely bring a lot to your way of doing business.

Instagram is a platform wherein you can share visual stuff and those are stuff which actually attracts people. Nowadays, with the increase in millennials using the platform, they have no time to read things. Attract them by posting the most interesting photo or that interesting video and see customers raining in.

So, drop that shutter and roll that camera to do amazing business through this amazing platform.

24-hour Story – This new feature has attracted a many and has been a rage since its inception. This allows you to share photos or any media for 24-hrs only and this story could be modified in many ways like sharing photos, short videos and using the boomerang or rewind feature of Instagram which will help you to generate interest among the customers and attract them. Instagram for Marketing your Hotel gives you a range of option and this new feature will definitely be absent from all marketing tool which will match the level of its efficiency.

So, create a buzz with that story and see people talking about you.

#hashtags – The words that follow the “#” is the USP to your business’s growth. While posting photos on Instagram you should always give hashtags followed by popular trending words in the description section.  This gives your hotel a better visibility and will be among the search ranks of the viewers. Instagram uses complex algorithms to let you see what you want to see basing it upon your past searches and interests.


Follow the trend and become the talk of the town.

Photo Tagging – This is a very useful feature which will help you to relate all your photos to somebody. This feature can be used when any celebrity is visiting your hotel and you can tag them to give your photos more visibility and as a result more visibility to your hotel which will ensure more business.

Interesting Locales– Sometimes, the things around us are so enticing that we fail to notice it. Attract guests to your hotels by posting photos of your surroundings and see them going bananas over it. Post stories regarding the locale and what exciting they can do there. It’s sure to grab eyeballs and will attract guests.

So, next time you are about to post something just take peek outside your premises and grab the amazing things that you see.

Instagram LIVE! – You can always give your viewers a live view of what is going on in your Hotel and create a buzz among your viewers. Go LIVE when any special event is happening or once in a while to interact with your customer to clear their queries and to inform them about new things.

This feature will allow you to increase the connectivity with your customer.

Geo-tagging – Geo-tagging is a feature which should be used while posting your photos. This helps people to find location-specific data which will work to your advantage.

So, the next time someone searches for your area, they can get your hotel’s photo in their search result.

This helps to increase your Hotel’s visibility.

Emo-tag your content– The description that you give becomes pretty much bland and boring if it doesn’t contain any visual attraction. Make attractive posts by adding emoji or emo-tagging your posts  which helps in getting engagement rates.

So, just imagine how that smiley will help you draw customers.

Behind the scenes– Since, it’s a great tool for photo-sharing, you can also post behind the scene stuffs to attract your viewers with the process of getting things done. These posts will get you customers acquainted with your style of doing work.

Customer Engagement– Last but not the least, this is very important when it comes to marketing. Hoteliers should regularly be engaged with their followers and should turn on messaging feature so that anybody can interact with them without thinking twice.

An engaged business makes engaged customers.

So, don’t miss out on this part.

So, post regularly and more often and use amazing photos of your properties and drive in that customer base just by mesmerizing them with those visuals. You can also make use of Instagram’s paid service which will boost your posts and make it available for everyone to see it.

The reason why Instagram is widely used because of its ease of doing things and the rich visuals that it provides is that which attracts the viewers. And with this generation using Boomerangs and Super-zooms every day in their post then why can’t the hoteliers do it.


Post Photos and Videos.

Post Stories

Use the amazing tools and just become a craze among your viewers and that they are compelled to hit that follow button.

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