Importance of Photography in the Hotel Industry!

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Visuals are what we need,

Visuals are what we believe.

It’s a time where people save each and every moment of their life in that smartphone of theirs or in their cameras. People have become such that they need to have that visual glance to support each and everything that they hear. So, photographs have attained such a position in everybody’s life that it has become a symbol of proof for everything.

Hotels Industry is one such industry where photographs are the main proofs of what you write about your services and amenities that you provide. The more attractive the photo the more it will garner views and more will be the visitors to your hotel.

Every hotel marketer should understand that no matter how exquisite your service and how well you write about it, if you don’t have a visual to support it then obviously you have lost the game. According to a study, gallery section of a hotel’s website receive about 90% of “clicks” by customers when they book online and sometimes this goes up to even 100%.

Words are expressed in many ways but all that matters is how your subconscious mind is made up to believe it. Here, photos play an important role. Every time someone will want to book with you they will definitely go to the gallery section to see proof of what you are writing about your hotel. Tourists often compare hotels on the basis of the photographs that they get to see and then go about choosing their destination.

Every human being needs a proof before going anywhere and paying money and they will just not do it on the basis of what you write. They will definitely want to see photos of that sunset view from your room’s balcony, those eloquent rooms that you spoke about or that exquisite service that you spoke so highly off.

Hotel Industry is such an industry where photographs play a very big role. It is sustained by that visual imagery which you provide to your customers. Photography of a hotel depicts its style, target audience and other aspects. Your photographer should definitely reflect the “hotel’s magic” in their photography to attract customers. The photograph should be clear so as to depict a clear picture and what they should expect when they visit. The pictures shouldn’t be vague.

Exaggerating the photographs is definitely a no-no and giving run-of-the-mill photographs will also bring down your chances of killing it. Giving misleading photos will also garner negative reviews which in a way will bring down your chances of making it to the top. Photos also shouldn’t be too original. We can add up a few things but not so much that it fools the customers and they feel cheated.

Photos are the second important factor after price which decides the booking done by a customer. If you get this right then remember that that customer who is going through it will definitely visit you.

Trends to be followed

With the advancement of smartphone and everyone roaming around with a well-equipped camera, nowadays it’s much easier to click anything and post it. Hotels can use photographs from professionals on their websites and use guest’s photos on their social media handle to promote their hotel. Social Media sites like Instagram, Facebook, etc. are the best place to market your hotel. You can also get to do influencer marketing by inviting celebrities to your hotel and post photos of theirs at your hotel and see people going gaga over it and definitely giving them a reason to visit you.

So, just drop the shutter and see yourself being clicked to the top.

With social media’s 24hrs stories becoming popular you can also encourage customers to upload stories and in return the best stories will get a certain discount and you will gain popularity because of the stories that they upload. It’s a two-way deal for both.

Booking Engine for Hotels also reveals that more the photography more is the conversion of visitors to customers. Booking Engine keeps a complete track of who is coming in and who is booking and they reveal statistics which says that 70% of visitors don’t get converted because those websites don’t have proper photographs.

So, you start your hotel’s website and you upload photographs on it and think that your task is done. Then you are wrong. Hotel website’s gallery should be regularly updated with all the latest photos. The gallery should have photos of the latest events at your hotel which will showcase your ability to organize such events.

With the advancement of technology, hoteliers can also go for Google Street-view photography which gives them a 360-degree tour of your hotel just from their own houses. This will add value to your photograph and will attract customers. The photo should also be geo-tagged to add geographical identification and if anyone searches for that place your hotel’s photo will be easily shown.

Photography is a canvas which depicts your strengths.

The more beautifully you paint it, the more it will be attractive. So, click your way to the top.

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