Live Cooking: Changing Customer Experience

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Serve what you Say,

Because that is what your Customers Say.

Support what you say with a visual backbone, give your guests a visual treat with your chef’s expert culinary skills and show them what you serve and what all it takes to prepare that mouth-watering delicious dish.

Live Cooking helps you to create this moment and leave your guests awestruck by displaying the magic which your chefs can create. The success of any hotel or restaurant solely depends on the FOOD that is served by them because people come in to satisfy their hunger and to stimulate their taste buds with an awesome experience. This experience can be enhanced by showing them the way that FOOD of top-notch quality is being created.

Live Cooking is a totally new concept which is quickly catching up in our country and the present scenario is quite an excited one both for the hoteliers as well as the customers.

To facilitate live cooking in a hotel we have to create a separate arena which is called the Live-Cooking Station where your chefs prepare food and showcase their excellent culinary skills. Live- Cooking Station is like any other kitchen but the difference is that here your guest will see the thing they have ordered being prepared and their dish being crafted to perfection.

Live-cooking station can also be open to customers who are cooking-buffs and who want to try their hands at cooking and also get a chance to cook with your experienced chefs.

The Live-cooking experience can also prove to be a learning curve for the customers as they get some tips on cooking which will change their culinary experience. Live-cooking takes your guests on a journey which will acquaint them with various nuances regarding cooking and how to prepare that perfect meal for them.

The main thing about live-cooking is that the customer gets to know about the dish that they order and they also get a chance to lend their hands in preparing that dish. Live cooking removes all doubts that the customers usually have by seeing it prepared in front of them live.

Live cooking helps you to interact with the chef and which will help you to learn better to cook better to live better.
Live Cooking cannot be an everyday programme for the hotels; it can be done on weekends with special buffet planned for your guests.

These fun-filled weekends will be exciting for your customers and they will definitely be looking forward to it. Live-cooking can also be facilitated by catering to only a part of the entire course such as starters or the desserts. The hoteliers can run their live-booking programme category wise like catering to one category a particular week. This way the customers will know what they are going to see and order accordingly.

Live Cooking has a very exciting future with the chefs also having a lot to learn from here. The chefs get to know what your customers want and next time keep that in mind while preparing their food. This helps you to serve your customer better and establishing a good personal rapport with the customers.

Live cooking is a notch above all the marketing trends used by the hoteliers since this helps you to directly interact with the customers and serve the FOOD right because that is the main reason behind your customer’s visit to your hotel.

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