Make Your Guest Your Brand Promoter: Pay, Stay, and Save with Bookingjini’s Exclusive Brand Discount Vouchers!

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We all know about the convenience fee war going between the OTA’s and the direct booking. Those sneaky extra charges that pop up when your guest tries to book. Well, no more unexpected expenses. However, when you choose direct booking you’re stepping into a realm of transparency and fairness.​
Plus, in the Booking engine, the 24/7 chat and call support ensures any questions or concerns your guest may have like some of the OTA’s.

Instead of losing a big chunk of your hard-earned revenue as a 20% commission to the OTA’s, you could use that money to make your guests really happy.

Think about giving your guests a complimentary and delicious breakfast to start their day happily. Picture a tray of snacks in their room and when they open their minibar, they’ll be surprised to see beverages waiting for them – and they won’t have to pay for them.

But there’s more! Imagine how nice it would be to offer your guests a ride to or from the airport. Just think about their faces lighting up with relief when they know that getting to your hotel is easy.

Now lets’ understand what we are discussing about?
you’re a guest looking to book a room. You’ve got two options in front of you. One is the usual booking platform, and the other promises not just a room, but discounts from big-name brands. Which one would you go for? The answer’s obvious, right?

Let’s talk about offer coupons.
With this new feature, guests have the opportunity to unlock more than just a hotel room; they can access a range of discount coupons that promise substantial savings. As guests proceed to the payment gateway, they’re greeted with an array of choices from top brands.
These coupons aren’t just ordinary ones – they let your guests compare prices with other booking websites and make booking directly with you even more tempting.
As your guests choose the room they want and move towards making the payment, they’ll come across a section called “Offers Available.” This is where the magic happens. They’ll find exclusive coupons from famous brands, seamlessly integrated into the booking process. It’s like adding a cherry on top of their stay.

Seamless Integration:
As guests choose their preferred room and proceed to payment, they’ll encounter the “Offers Available” section—a gateway to exclusive coupons from renowned brands. This integration adds an extra layer of value to their stay, making the booking process not only convenient but also financially rewarding.

Why It Matters:
In the realm of online bookings, the experience can often feel detached and transactional. Bookingjini’s innovation breathes life into this process. By providing guests with coupon options that align with their interests, the booking becomes a part of the trip experience. Suddenly, the anticipation of the journey is accompanied by the thrill of added benefits, creating an emotional connection that standard booking platforms fail to achieve.

It’s a journey that starts with room selection and ends with a delightful decision-making process at the payment gateway. With exclusive coupons from renowned brands like Swiggy and Zomato, Bookingjini is leading the charge toward a new era of hotel bookings – one that’s immersive, exciting, and financially rewarding.

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