Myths Busted- Worst advice a Hotelier receives when it comes to Direct Bookings.

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Do this, Do that.

It will boost your hotel’s revenue and take you to the top.

Hoteliers receive advice from many people which are related to their revenue management and hacking their growth and about how to make it to the top. But basically, all of the advice that they receive consists of how to grow their bookings and earn money.

They receive a hell lot of a advice regarding this matter and they sometimes fall prey to these unwanted counsellings and in a way plan their own failure. Guidance should be accepted but they shouldn’t be followed blindly and they should be researched upon before being implemented.

Because in the end it’s your own intuition that matters and you should follow the path which complements your justification of doing things rather than following someone else’s because he/she might be doing it for their good.

Let’s take a look at the worst advice which the hoteliers receive when it comes to direct bookings and marketing their hotels.

1> Old School Marketing

Billboards.Hoardings.Distributing Pamphlets.

Do this and you will see a growth in your direct bookings.
Well, in this age of technologically advanced human beings, who has the time to lift their head and read a hoarding. Wherever you turn your head towards you will see people glued to their mobile or tabs and other gadgets and you as a hotelier still think that the old method of renting out billboards across a city will still work.

Then, you are wrong for the sale of it.

Nowadays, online presence is the key. The more you are digitally present the more bookings you will achieve.

The internet gives you the segway to success so why not take it. Remember, if in this age you will fear the internet then you should definitely not see the dream of becoming successful in any field. So just go for it and see how it works wonders for you.

Direct Bookings is the way forward for hotels which saves them from the unnecessary commissions of other mediums but to receive that booking through your hotel’s website you definitely need your hotel to be marketed properly digitally which is the USP to your growth and in the end, most importantly boosting your direct bookings.

So, go digital and earn bookings.

2> Hidden Cost:

Okay so you want your customers to book directly through your website, so you build a website and do all the required things but then someone gives you a sudden shock and tells you that the booking engine which you will integrate will take up a lot of money and may burn a hole in the pocket.

But its time to bust the myth that you might have been following.

Booking Engine doesn’t cost a fortune. We at BookingJini provide you with a Booking Engine which is absolutely FREE of cost and only charge 6% commission on your bookings, which when compared to the commission that you pay to others, is a very paltry amount. Don’t be gripped by the fear of losing money when you integrate a booking engine but instead integrate one and participate in social media marketing and see your hotel being rocketed to the top.

Booking Engine is here to serve a purpose which all the hoteliers are seeking nowadays, so feel free and let go of your inhibitions and participate in this.

3> Hampering personalization and Reach possibilities:

Well, you might have come across people who must have told you about that collaborating with an online medium for booking hotels will give you the reach and a chance to personalize with your customers. But did you forget the heavy commissions you have to pay these mediums in return for the reach that they will provide?

They follow the policy of digging into your fortune by showing dreams but dreams that don’t get realised at all.

The reach that you need to boost online booking is actually provided to you through social media marketing. Upgrade you SMM, SEO and inbound marketing and see your growth and reach that you dream off. Backlinks and Google site rank are things which you need for achieving that reach.

Direct Bookings from your hotel’s website will give a chance to know your customer better and you will realise that before you were not even divulged with your customer’s information but now you know everything about them. It helps you to connect with them better and give them the required services.

Reach and personalization which leads to proper customer service are two vital cogs of the entire hotel industry and these two should be definitely tapped into if you want to become a successful hotelier and Direct Bookings help you to do these.

4>  Philosophical Pricing:

Book one night at our exclusive hotel for Rs.999. You might have been following these trends to create a psychological effect on your customers. But in reality, these things actually don’t work anymore because people are now concerned with discounts and these fancy pricing systems are not attractive to them anymore. These used to work earlier but now your customer only wants to see the rate of discount and the quality of services provided. Pricing is an important criterion for booking hotels so the more flexible and pocket-friendly it is, the more the booking.

So, move over ending prices with 9 but prefer percentages(%) for determining your prices and catch people’s eyes.

So, since the myth is busted and you need not worry about Direct Bookings anymore.

So, just stack up your inventory, choose a booking engine for your hotel, update your online inventory daily and

Just Go for the Kill.

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