New Hotel Trends in 2018

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Industrial trends change even by a minor ripple and they take the form of a wave which further defines the activities of that industry. The waves formed brings about such a revolution that it changes the entire face of the industry.

Breaking from the monotonous series of the activities in the industry is the way to break into the big league and create something new. The scale of impact is not that important but the impact of that change matters. Hotel Industry is an industry which is always in a nascent state.

A minor ripple can create huge waves in this segment. It is a growing industry which readily accepts any new ideas and a ground for experimenting new ideas.

Let’s take a look at the new trends in the hotel industry which has brought about a change in the industry with its distinctive feature.

1>    The Omnipresent Technology:

Seamless. Hassle-free. Easy-to-use.

That’s how you can describe technology at best and with its penetration in each and every industry and with it changing each and every day by leaps and bounds, it always gives a new edge to our experience at the hotels.

Technology has become far-reached and with everybody becoming ‘smart’ by using a ‘smartphone’, it has become a trend for the hotels to become mobile-friendly. Gone are the days where customers had to wait for their bookings. Now everything is a ‘click’ away or to be putting it precisely everything is just a ‘touch’ away.

As described earlier, technology is seamless and it facilitates in giving a seamless experience to your customers. With smartphones flooding into the markets, everything nowadays is made with a motive to make it compatible with the smartphone platform and make it in such a way that people are able to use it in their hands.

It has made travelling so much comfortable. With the help of technology, hoteliers are innovating in ways such as promoting Direct Bookings and other things which are definitely destined to be the next big thing in the hotel industry.

So, use this revolutionary tool to create a wave in the industry.

2>    Internet of things –  The Internet of things (IoT) is the network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances and other items embedded with electronics, software and connectivity which enables these objects to connect and exchange data. It’s the revolution which we are looking at. It will become the backbone of a revolution.

With the help of Internet of Things, hoteliers can revolutionize the entire hotel experience for their customers.

With the help of Internet of things, great things can be done. Such as personalized rooms, personalized services, etc. We can create smart rooms with VR and create a havoc of sorts. Reality can be blended with technology and give our customers an experience like never before.

Imagine a room which does all the things for you without even reaching out for those things. Imagine a robot which is always there for you and is ready to do any task that you want it to do. Some people have already started implementing it.

Internet of Things is the next BIG THING in the hotel industry.

3>    Cultural Mix – A region definitely affects the way of living of the people there and it basically boils down to one reason, i.e. Culture. The culture of a place defines that place and it is equally important for the hoteliers to blend that culture into their services to give a memorable experience to your guests. Hoteliers have started this new trend of providing a traveller’s experience to their guests. They are giving their guests a transformational-travel guest experience to them by challenging them to engage with local communities and work in their conservation if needed.

Their experience can also be made memorable by making them work with the local NGOs.

Cultural diversification can’t be achieved if people don’t come to know about it and Hotels are the best place to achieve this.

4>    Catering to the Millennial – India is a young country. India has more than 50% of its population below the age of 25 and more than 65% below the age of 35. So, this makes the travelling class young with high spirits and high adrenaline rush. The hoteliers have to deal with these customers and have to give services keeping in mind the age bracket of people visiting their hotel. Services should be fast, simple and lucid because these kinds of people are always on a move and giving them a memorable experience will work in your benefits in the form of social media posts.

Please young hearts with your service and enjoy their gratitude in the form of good business.

5>    Healthy experience- Good food means good mood which can lighten up anybody. Serving good food will definitely be the first and foremost aim of any hotel but what if they give it a unique twist to it with the healthy factor coming in. Nowadays, with the rise of health-conscious people, it’s important for the hoteliers to serve that kind of food to people and attract them. Giving them a healthy experience will definitely give them a reason to visit your hotel again and again.

6>    Special Perks- We human beings always enjoy special discounts given to us and this opportunity should always be grabbed by the hoteliers. Hoteliers should give their guests discounts and coupons that come through Direct Bookings from their websites. This will encourage them to go for more direct bookings and in a way benefitting you.

Trends should be introduced every time whenever it is time to break the stereotype because new trend brings about a freshness in the industry and fills the industry with zeal and passion and make it an interesting place to work in.

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