OTAs vs. Direct Bookings

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Want to get that BREAK-THROUGH but don’t know how to get THROUGH!!

Losing sleep over the fact that OTA’s are eating away a major chunk of YOUR EARNINGS for the sake of YOUR EARNINGS. Projecting themselves as a Godfather and Game-Changer for the hotels but the bottom-line is that they just steal your thunder where YOU could have done a mind-boggling job just by doing things which could have propelled your business and could have made YOU — THE Next Multi-Billionaire Chain of Hotels.

So just pull up your socks and get ready to level-up your game and get that BREAK-THROUGH.

Direct Booking is an area which is a major pain in the neck of the Hoteliers. Online booking has truly transformed the game and customers nowadays are looking for a hassle-free booking which is just a click away. OTAs have come up which provide such services to the Hoteliers by asking them to register themselves with them and after that, they will manage their bookings. These OTAs charge commissions on the basis of the bookings from the Hoteliers registered with them.

But here comes the twist in the tale.

These OTAs are big companies, who spend a huge amount in Advertisements and Promotions. This way the commission charged by them goes up with a promise that the ranking of the hotel will improve on their websites. This way the YOU are making PROFITS but end up paying a huge amount out of them to the OTAs.

These OTAs also come with their own unhidden secrets related to their promises about increasing customer relation. According to research, the OTA’s separate the customers from the hoteliers.

This way the customer is only a GUEST at the hotel but not a potential future customer.  Owing to this Hoteliers fail to create a golden chance of personalizing with the customer.

This is where they have to take that extra step which will help them reach the zenith.

The solution to this is that the Hoteliers have to maintain their own Web sites in order to generate Direct Bookings and this is where the role of Hotel Booking Engines such as BookingJini, Ezze, etc comes in. The role played by these Hotel Booking Engines is that they facilitate Direct Bookings through the hotel websites and this facilitates the hotels to maintain a direct relationship with the customers.

By maintaining websites of their own the Hotels are also increasing their visibility in the market and the Hotel Booking Engines have definitely emerged out as a blessing in disguise by providing the system to the hoteliers through which direct bookings can be done through their websites. They have definitely turned out as a Jini for the hoteliers who will be making all their wishes come true.

Because of this, major hotel chains around the world are taking matters into their own hands. Hilton Hotel started its “Stop Clicking Around” campaign during the 2016 Grammy Awards and gave its message to its customers. The company said the campaign is its biggest yet in the company near-100-year history.

Marriott launched a similar campaign in 2016 called “It Pays to Book Direct”. The hotel’s ultimate aim is to influence users to book directly through their own hotel website instead of OTA to get better rates or benefits.

Hotels are definitely levelling-up their game and with the growth of Hotel Booking Engines this revolution is definitely going to happen and the OTAs will have a hard time coming up with this transformation around the corner.

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