Property Direct Reservation System

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Hotels usually handle around 40 percent of their reservation transactions directly. Depending upon the volume of direct customer contacts, a hotel may have a reservation department apart from the front desk. A reservation department handles direct requests for lodgings, observers any communication links with central reservation systems and intersell agencies, and maintains an uploaded room availability status report.

Property –direct  reservation requests could reach a hotel in any of the following ways:

The most common method of making reservations.

AIL& E-mail : Written requests for reservations were common for group, tour, and conventions. Generally, mail requests were directly sent to the reservations department of the property. It is the modern way of sending mails for faster and easier communication with hotels.

PROPERTY TO PROPERTY: Hotel chains not only encourage guests to plan their stays ahead of time by offering direct communication between affiliated properties, but also makes every thing hassle free and stress free for the guests and thereby increasing the overall number of reservations.

FAX:I It is a method of communication that accounts for a small proportion of the total reservation.

WEBSITE: Hotels have their own websites and individuals wanting reservations can check room availability, rates, packages, and special events with the click of a mouse.

Thus we see Property Direct Reservation System will be one of the most important aspect of booking in future.

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