Reservation Systems for Hotels

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Gone are the days when one had only one option of Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) like MakeMyTrip, Expedia, Travelocity etc. to reserve hotel rooms for his convenience. With the introduction of spontaneous and friendlier hotel websites, OTAs are lagging behind hotel websites by 20%. Much credit goes to the power of internet which has brought together millions of customers from making traditional online hotel reservations to smarter and more effective direct online hotel reservations on different websites.

 For lower budgeted and fewer trips in a year, OTAs sure have a customer base especially of family trips. But, the present age scenario concerning young blood who wants to swoop at any moment demands great deal of personalization to come and serve them anywhere without fail.

Here are the points in favour of direct hotel reservations to always look upon next time you see exotic pictures on Instagram and pack your bag-

  1. Hotel websites save your money by almost 20-30% due to lack of involvement of any third party thereby increasing savings for more trips. Hang in there, you travel freak!
  2. With more and more customer reviews and feedbacks, it becomes easy to decide between numerous options available. Customers trust those reviews incorporated with real time pictures.
  3. Now, direct online hotel reservations tend to include added benefits and incentives in spas, playrooms, restaurants, gyms to give customers another reason.
  4. Hotel websites use technology such as 360 degree camera and video streams to provide a virtual tour of how your stay would turn out to be.
  5. Customers even get discounts for referrals and stays, so a lot more to come!
  6. Often conducted surveys by hotels lead to customers’ satisfaction by getting to know their check lists and reservation patterns.

It is important to note that a major part of hotel business doesn’t want any intermediary procedure to come in between their profits thereby promoting to get hold on one’s business on his own. Without any helping hand in the business, hotel reservationists now has reduced costs and increased marketing strategies. Some are more than ready to put their utmost attention to what their competitors are up to. All of this results in grained customers’ experience with new levels.

 Direct reserving hotels online on hotels’ websites does have the cake in its plate. We are talking smart, innovative and foul free hotel reservations to abide by us.

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