The aim of all hotels that offer accommodation it to provide their customers with clean, attractive, comfortable and welcoming surrounding that offer value for money. Nothing sends a strong message than cleanliness in a hospitality industry. No level of friendliness, service, or fascination can equal sensation of a guest has upon entering a perfect, tidy and conveniently arranged room. A survey carried out showed 70% travellers rated appearance and cleanliness as their priority in their choice of hotels. The housekeeping division takes pride in keeping the hotel clean and comfortable therefore to manifest a ‘home away from home experience’. GREAT housekeeping is the pillar of accommodation sector as its main aim is to create a clean, comfortable, hazard free and aesthetically gorgeous environment.

A hotel survives on the sale of rooms which establishes minimum of 45 % of the total revenue. Thus a major part of hotels margin comes from room sales because a room once made can be sold over and over again. However, the days when the room remains unsold there is a total loss of revenue. To this extent, rooms not sold is opportunity keeping

Hotel rooms are the heart of the hotel. Unless the it is in perfect order, the air is fresh, furnishing and upholstery is clean and best the hotel may lose a client as a potential customer. The housekeeping department thus not only prepares the clean guestroom on timely basis for the clients/guests who are arriving but also cleans and maintains everything in the hotel so that the property is fresh and attractive since the inception of the hotel. The housekeeping thus contributes in a big way towards the overall reputation of a property.