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Online Bookings and Online Transactions.

This has become the talk of the millennial’s. These have been doing the rounds in every market space and so has created its own space in the Hotel Industry. Nowadays everyone wants things on their fingertips on which they can click on or touch them to make it happen. This is the pathway for all the things that are being done online and giving people the ease of doing things and do them faster.

Technology has undergone massive changes to incorporate the “ease of doing things” and has been improving since to reach a new level and making lives easier for us.

As far as the Hotel Industry is concerned, it has seen major technological changes but not the kind other segments have seen. It is certainly lagging behind when compared to other industries due to a few factors.

Hotel Industry is all about customer experience which technology couldn’t provide to the guest of the hoteliers and a hotels stay is not something that you will enjoy over your phone or computer. It is something which is to be felt or enjoyed and experience has to soaked in. These apprehensions led to the slow involvement of technology with the services.

But now with all the apprehensions removed, the Hotel Industry is enjoying the technological upgradation that it is going through. Bookings are taking place online and the industry has become a thriving place for new technological reforms to replace the older system. Technology has definitely made this Industry fast and has given them the visibility.

Now, when it comes to technology in the Hotel Industry it’s all about the user’s interface of the Hotel on the Internet. And this interface is provided to the user through the Hotel Website. The Hotel interacts with its online customer through a Hotel Website and this Hotel Website is like a presentation to your customer who is looking for you on the Internet.

So, a nice presentation will get you more customers.

And a good presentation means THE PERFECT HOTEL WEBSITE.

So, how do you get this Perfect Hotel Website and tick all the correct boxes to get those valuable customer and capture that large chunk of the online hotel searches.

And here is the catch,

A hotel is something which your guest will go to and enjoy with his family and friends and take a break from the regular work and just relax out. So, it has to be the perfect place for your customer to chill out without any worries. You have to reflect this coolness and chill stuff in your website itself. Your website has to be cool and interactive and catering to all that your potential customer is looking out for.

The Perfect Hotel Website should have all the details, which is to the minute detail, regarding the Hotel. They are:

  • About the Hotel– The About Us section of the Hotels should contain all the relevant details. As to where it is, where it is located and all of that. This section is where people will come to know about the hotel without having to hear it from other sources. This section should be perfectly planned out. This section should also be supported with relevant photos.
  • Visual Proof– Not everything which is heard is believed instantly. This has to be supported by visual proof which is given in the Gallery section of the website. The viewer can actually see what your Hotel should look like and so don’t ignore this section at all. Use well-clicked photos with high pixels to make it visually appealing and that it makes an impression on your customer.
  • What’s on Offer– This is the most important thing which the customer is concerned about. What’s on offer should be in the Service section of your Hotel which should be crafted out very nicely to give your customer the urge to choose you over anyone else.

This page will actually convert your potential customer into a guest at your hotel.

So, make it appealing to draw in more customers.

  • Search Dominance– Traffic, keywords and visitors.

Well, these are terms related to any website. More the visitors, more the customer.

Craft your meta title and meta descriptions in such a way to draw in your visitor and create a buzz.

A Perfect Website is a one with the perfect title and description. So, use it the best way possible.

  • Local Presence– People get attracted to attractive locales and if your hotel is surrounded by such attractive locales then just create a buzz about it on your website and see people thronging your hotel just because of that attractive place.

Mention any major event or any surrounding place and create a buzz about it and see your visitors on a roll.

  • The One-Stop Destination for your Guests– Give your Guests a one-stop destination for all their travel queries by giving them all the information. Design your Hotel Website in such a way that they don’t go to other places looking for more about you.

Provide everything that you can.

Suppose a visitor liked you and wants to book with you, so what can be done. Directing them to third parties will lead to your loss and a loophole in your service.

So, install a Direct Booking Engine for Hotels such as Bookingjini’s i-Booking Engine. Bookingjini comes with its exclusive Booking Engine to provide Direct Bookings on your Hotel’s Website without your customer having to go anywhere else.

So, a Perfect Hotel Website armed with the perfect Booking Engine for Hotels will give you the maximum reach and credibility. Bookingjini’s services a Direct Booking for Hotels provider gives your Hotel Website a complete look. Direct Booking for Hotels will help you increase your revenue which will make your Hotel Website as a Perfect Website for your customer as well as for you when it comes to business perspective. Bookingjini’s i-Booking Engine also comes integrated with PMS which is like a icing on the cake.  

The Perfect Hotel Website is a one which comes armed with everything which is enticing about your hotels along with a Direct Booking Engine from providers such as Bookingjini.

So, get working on your Hotel Website and make it as beautiful and delicious like the food which you serve at your Hotel.

Because remember it is the age of technology and the website is like an item among the menu of Hotel which your customer is going through. So, make it in such a way so that your customer will go for you.

A Perfect Hotel Website will attract a Perfect Guest.

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