Things the Hotel Staff should do to prevent Annoying Guests!

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Travel is an essential part of every person’s life. Every Human Being at some point of time in his life just wants to pack their bags and be off to some new place and explore that place. Human Beings travel to take a break from their day-to-day schedule and they definitely want to be treated nicely wherever they go. Here, comes in the role of the Hotel Staff who have to deal with their guests in such a way that they don’t feel out of place.

Travelers are in a new land in search for some new experience and they definitely don’t want to feel ignored and ill-treated when staying at a place. This will be a huge let down for an accommodation if such kind of words spread about it that they are not providing the best of services.

Because remember, travelers travel and their experiences also travel with them and the best that you give them will travel with them. So, it’s all in your hands what you give the people coming into your hotel to travel with them.

Hotel staffs are the main reason behind a hotel’s major success and the way they treat your customers is very important in maintaining that level of goodwill of your hotel.

Here are some tips, which will help your Hotel Staff in dealing with your esteemed guests and treat them nicely.

Be true to your word– You may be using highly superlative adjectives in your description such as “luxurious”, “heavenly”, etc. But if you fail to provide this kind of services then you will definitely lose out on the trust of your guests because before coming in to your hotel they will definitely depend on the word of mouth that is said about your hotel and if they fail to find it then definitely their word of mouth will change about your hotel. You should deliver what you have promised.

Managing expectations is a very important thing which the hotel’s staffs have to take care about and if they fail to live up to their guest’s expectation then they have to deal with the brunt of visitor’s curse. So, better be honest and not brag about things.

Services– People come into your hotel expecting enjoyment in the hands of you and look for general merriment and relaxation. The services that you provide should be up to the mark so that your guests don’t have to face any problem. Problems such as cleanliness of toilets, hygienic dining area, etc. should be kept in mind while dealing with a guest. The services at your disposal should be up to the mark in order to gain that advantage over your guest.

Avoid Set-offs- Some guests are quite verbal about the problems that they face but some are not. It’s up to the hotel staff how they overcome these. Since there are two kinds of people one will definitely go all mouth about their problems. You just have to keep them calm and listen to their problems and don’t five futuristic statements such as “ we will look into it” or ” your problem will be solved” instead tell them what you can do and you should always have the solutions and tricks to that problem on your fingertips. People with big mouth are instant triggers to your bad reputation, so it is better to keep them calm.

Dealing with the second kind of people you have to deal with their gestures which they show if they have any problem. You have to be on your toes to handle their gestures and you should sense that problem before you do. Basically, you have to feel yourselves as a guest in order to overcome that problem.

So, avoid these set-offs in order to gain your guest’s trust and not disappoint them when they need you.

Being Positive– This attitude is very important in any field that you venture into. Maintaining this is very important for any kind of success. You should always greet your guests with a positive attitude. This will make them feel that they are in a positive environment and that they are going to enjoy their stay.
Fill in the air with positivity with greetings and by doing special things which makes them feel special.

Treat your guests with utter respect and a good attitude and see them rooting for you everywhere.

Avoid the “avoidable”– Interruptions, unhealthy distractions, etc. are habits which should be always be avoided while interacting with your guests. These habits can break the flow of a healthy conversation. This can disrupt the process of turning a potential first-time guest to your regular guests. These are avoidable which can totally be taken care of and should always be kept in mind.

Special Privileges– Promises should be kept. If you are saying that people coming through Direct Bookings will get special privileges then they should get it and you shouldn’t deteriorate from it. Your guests may be coming in because of the promises that you made. So upsetting them will definitely create a bad name for you.
Make your guest’s stay as comfortable as possible by avoiding the little things which can kill the mood of your guests. You should always participate in your guest’s stay by asking them questions about their stay and how they feel while staying at their hotel. These gestures will make them feel that you should really care. You should maintain a level of interaction but also know your limit so as to not interrupting their privacy.

Travelers need to enjoy a good time when they stay at your place and as said earlier they are the flag-bearers of your reputation so treat them better and see your flag fly high.

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