What do we mean by Housekeeping?

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What do we mean by Housekeeping?

Every house, whether private, or commercial like offices, shops, hotels, hospitals, clubs, etc., needs to be kept clean and tidy, so that it looks inviting all. The basic concept of housekeeping has started from keeping a domestic house clean and has steadily come to sustaining high standards of cleanliness and maintenance at profitable levels.

The general hygiene and cleanliness of a facility are vital to health and safety of guests, staffs, and visitors. Pleasant work environment contribute to staff members’ satisfaction, making them to be more productive. A more pleasant environment improves guest gratification and can increase guest’s use of facilities and regular visits.

house keeping clean booking engineHousekeeping in simple words means maintaining a house on a everyday or long term basis or looking after its tidiness, cleanliness, upkeep and running. In a hotel, housekeeping is responsible for the cleaning and maintaining rooms and open places.

The different processes followed to retain and maintain everything in the hotel in a good and smart order, are collectively identified as good housekeeping. In other words, we may also say that housekeeping is a process of keeping a place clean, attractive and well maintained so that it appears and feels pleasant and inviting to all, either living, visiting or working there.

From the time a guest checks-in the hotel till he checks-out, it is the housekeeping department which takes care of the lodger by making his/her stay enjoyable and comfortable.

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