What should the hotels do on Valentine's Day?

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Love is in the air and it’s time for you to develop a love affair with your customer.

It’s the month of February and with this starts the season of lovers as cupid strikes everyone and sends everyone into a world of fizzy where people find true companions in other people.

Valentine’s Day, the day of lovers, is celebrated all over the world with unbound frenzy where each and everyone wants to do something special for his/her valentine. On this day, people celebrate love and their bondage with their loved ones. This attachment and the relationship they share are commemorated with special occasions with each other.

These special occasions which the lovers create for their better-halves show their love for each other. An affectionate and compassionate feeling of togetherness is what defines this day.

To make this day more special valentines gift their valentines with a special gift just to convey their never-ending love for their special ones. These gifts range from special jewelry, vacations to places such as Bali, Maldives, etc. which are known as lover’s paradise or spending quality time with at a special location.

This is the time when the Hospitality Industry runs into a frenzy with bookings on this special day by people to spend quality time with their special ones. Everyone wants to spend quality time with their special ones and they make sure they book the best place to make that night ravishing and alluring and to make it worth remembering.

This is where the Hotels come in and where they have an important role to play. Valentine’s Day can be made special for people who are looking for a romantic evening at your hotel. This experience can be made great for them with exciting plans which are up for grabs and which can make your hotel a go to hotel for spending their special night.

Hotels can take full advantage of this occasion to increase their bookings by marketing through new social media marketing tricks and tips and gain an upper hand over their competitors. Hoteliers can follow these tricks and tips to make this Valentine’s Day a special occasion to remember for those who are coming in to spend quality time at their property.

  • Special Discounts: The couple coming in should be made to be felt special on that occasion with attractive discounts which draws them to your hotel. Special rate cuts should be made available to them along with special facilities. Discounts can come across as a medium to woo them which gives them the liberty to spend quality time with their loved ones but also not burning a hole in their pocket.
  • Exciting Services: Rooftop candle-night dinner with the most exquisite wine and rich spread of delicacies. What can be more special for two people who are there to celebrate their love?

Room Services should also be revved up with colorful bed sheets and eye-catching screens to give the rooms a romantic feel. Romance is enhanced with beautiful surroundings and the hoteliers should do its best to provide the most romantic setting for their guests.

  • Lip-smacking menu- A romantic night with lip-smacking food makes it all the more special. Special delicacies under the open sky are a treat for your customers who will definitely be attracted to it.

You can also give your food exciting names on the basis of the occasions such as Lover’s Delight for your special cocktail drink or Classy Love for the range of dishes that you will serve. Names attract people and calling the rich food by special names will definitely catch people’s eyes who in return will want their mouth to taste that special delicacy.

The hoteliers should look forward to creating special nights for the special couple that’s coming in which will definitely be a step forward in marketing their hotel as the most sought-after romantic location. Social media marketing should be extensively used by the hoteliers to market their hotels as the favorite romantic location among couples.

Exciting social media stories should be posted regarding the upcoming events as it will create a buzz among people and especially youngsters as who doesn’t want to spend their first love in a location which will provide them the best of services and shall make that night memorable for them.

Hotels can also arrange for special romantic musical night graced over by singers of Bollywood fame who will mesmerize the crowd with their amazing music and make the night even more memorable. A Hotelier should always harp on these occasions to generate bookings through amazing deals which will attract customers and increase their hotel’s name and fame.

The Hoteliers should also make it sure to convey their special deals to their respective OTAs and also update the deals on their websites which have the services of a Hotel Booking Engine which are provided by companies such as BookingJini, etc.

So, make this Valentine’s Day a special occasion for yourself by following these trends and by celebrating bookings and customer growth at your hotel.

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