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Introduction: In recent years, Airbnb has emerged as a disruptive force in the hospitality industry, offering unique accommodation experiences to travelers around the world. While traditionally associated with home-sharing, Airbnb has expanded its offerings and promotions to include hotels, boutique properties, and vacation rentals. As a hotelier, leveraging Airbnb promotions can be a strategic move that not only increases visibility but also opens doors to new customer segments. In this blog, we will explore the significance of Airbnb promotions for hotels and how they can contribute to overall success.

Airbnb boasts a massive user base and a strong online presence, making it an excellent platform to enhance the visibility of your hotel. By utilizing Airbnb promotions, you tap into their extensive network of travelers actively seeking unique accommodation options. This exposure can help your hotel reach a broader audience, including those who may not typically search for hotels through traditional channels. Increased visibility on Airbnb means more potential guests discovering and considering your property.

Looking into the demand scenario, Bookingjini has introduced 3 major features in our channel manager so that a hotelier can easily manage the promotion activities for Airbnb customers through its channel manager.

Early Bird Offers:

When planning a trip, many travelers appreciate the opportunity to secure accommodations at discounted rates or with added perks. Airbnb, the popular online marketplace for lodging, understands this desire and offers early bird offers to incentivize early bookings. Considering the advantages of early bird offers in Airbnb for both travelers and hosts, Now it is easy for the host to manage the desired offer in our best channel manager for hotels extranet. 

Last Minute offers:

Anything that is time-dependent is highly perishable products and in our ecosystem, rooms are highly perishable. Last-minute deals are an effective strategy for hotels to fill any remaining unsold rooms. By offering discounted rates or special promotions for last-minute bookings, hotels can attract travelers who are looking for immediate accommodations. This helps maximize occupancy rates and ensures that rooms are not left unoccupied, allowing hotels to generate revenue that would otherwise be lost. With the growing and evolving customers, now hosts/hoteliers can easily manage the offers/promotions on the unsold rooms through our promotion management feature in the channel manager for Airbnb customers.

length of stay:

Encouraging guests to extend their length of stay can lead to increased revenue for hotels. By offering attractive discounts or additional perks for longer stays, hotels can incentivize guests to book for multiple nights instead of just one or two. This helps to maximize occupancy and generate higher revenue per guest. Longer stays also often result in additional spending on hotel services, such as dining, spa treatments, or other amenities, further boosting the hotel’s revenue. Length-of-stay offer can help to fill your off-peak periods by attracting guests who are more likely to have flexibility in their travel plans. By providing offered rates or value-added benefits for extended stays during slower periods, hotels can increase occupancy levels and generate revenue that might have been lost during those periods and this is the most important aspect for the revenue managers to increase the length of stay with various offers and promotions. In a single click,now you can Manage these promotions in all the major OTAs including Airbnb .


Airbnb promotions provide a means to reach a wider audience, particularly the experience-driven millennial travelers who seek unique stays. Embrace the power of Airbnb promotions, and unlock new horizons for your hotel’s success in the modern hospitality industry. The Airbnb promotion management feature within a channel manager is essential for efficient and effective promotion management. It provides centralized control, real-time updates, dynamic pricing strategies, targeted promotions, and robust analytics.

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