Why Seamless Experience is a prerequisite for Hotel Booking ?

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Travellers form the core of hotel businesses as they are the ones on whom the hotel’s revenue is majorly dependent on. In order to make sure that guests find hotel booking convenient, hoteliers have been designing their own website which would enable travellers to book a room directly. This has led to a new technology taking the centre stage, “Seamless Hotel Booking”. For many years hotel industry has been trying to implement this strategy, while many have been very successful, others have not quite apprehended this method. Implanting the seamless travel experience into their hotel website has been the prime goal of many companies. Let us take a look at some of the reasons why hotel booking requires a seamless travel experience –
URL Integration – Stop treating your hotel’s website and your hotel booking engine as two different units. It usually happens when you have your own hotel website but someone else’s booking engine. With the advent in technologies the concept of different URLs has been outdated. Today APIs and platform integrations symbolize that the units should together work seamlessly as one unit. In other words a single direct booking platform should be enabled so that a traveller while booking a room in your hotel does not get confused and instead breathes a sigh of relief.
Lessen the time spent on updates – Updating your tariffs on all different channels is not easy and requires a great deal of effort. On the other hand a seamless hotel booking platform eliminates the unnecessary application, allows you to integrate your CRS with your website which in turn automatically updates your information without the application of additional efforts.
Live and Instant Updated rates – Most users expect that there should be a single booking platform where they would be able to book rooms and check the prices in the same window. Seamless booking experience does exactly that by treating your hotel’s website and booking engine as one. Users can now check and book the rooms simultaneously by entering the potential dates of journey.
Seamless Mobile Experience – Optimizing your hotel booking engine for mobile makes reservation easier for travellers. Having a mobile optimized hotel website and not having the same for the booking engine might prove detrimental in converting leads.

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