Why should you choose the best channel manager for your hotel?

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Channel Manager has been developed to assist the Hoteliers in their operations relating to reservation and bookings. It helps you to channelize the handling of your various OTA accounts from a single dashboard with the help of a Channel Manager. It puts a break on the arduous task of managing all your OTA accounts by logging into it again & again.

Channel Manager has made the tasks of the hoteliers much easier by automating the task of updating the inventory and removing the manual effort to do it. It makes the job easier for the hoteliers because now they don’t have to sit and log into each and every profile and update their inventory.

It enables you to update information regarding your Hotel on the OTAs at a single GO. It also helps you to streamline the channel management process which in turn allows controlling rates from a single window.

It facilitates Live Update across all channels on which your inventory is registered. It also removes the worry of Rate parity which is a major issue in the Hotel Industry by updating rates across all the channels. Your Channel Managers should be integrated with a Property Management System(PMS) so that all your bookings get automatically pushed to your front desk providing you with a two-way connection and helps you easily capture reservation details.

With the help of Channel Manager, you can leverage the power of Pooled Inventory System. Gone are the days when Hotels used to allocate inventory across different channels. With the help of Channels Manager, embedded with a PMS, you can allocate your entire inventory across all the channels and see the magic of automated updates of your inventory whenever a booking is done. The channel manager also gives you the conversion rate by each channels so as to keep you informed and give you an idea about which regions to invest in and which OTAs to approach.

The Channel Manager should come with a PMS integrated with it.

Your Channel Manager should be having links with important OTAs all across the globe to give you the visibility and help you to connect with travellers from all across the globe. Studies reveal that around more than 60% of the bookings are done online, so it’s a better option to choose a Channel Manager to manage your online bookings without having to worry about over-bookings and unhappy customers.

Channel Manager helps you to increase your efficiency which is a major link between your PMS and your OTA dashboard. Using a Channel Manager helps you to participate in administrative tasks, related to making the Hotel experience a memorable one for your guests, rather than worrying about the booking jobs and let the channel manager handle all these.

Channel Manager eliminates the manual effort and another personnel to manage the inventory and saves you from investing in that extra person. Investing on a Channel Manager is a much better and cheaper option than investing in an extra person to handle all these tasks and also it removes the risk of manual error and saves you from complications.

Thus, a channel manager helps in an effective revenue management by helping you overcome Rate parity and coming across as a cheaper investment option for better operations.

Channel Manager should also have the capability to send promotional details to the OTAs so that you remain ahead of your competitors. This will save a lot of effort as well as keep all promotions data within a single tool for ease of management and tracking. And with the growth of mobile and technology within the reach of just a touch or a swipe, your channel manager should be mobile accessible and should provide the hoteliers with the facility of accessing it through their mobile to incorporate any changes.

Choosing the correct Channel Manager is the key which will provide you with smooth and constant connection with the OTAs and comes with PMS integrated with it. Not choosing a stable channel manager may cause you a lot of trouble and loss of money. Select a Channel Manager that integrates with the OTAs that you use, offers stability and secure transactions and provides effective support.

So, minimize the manual effort required to do these tasks with the help of a Channel Manager and enjoy the seamless experience of maintaining accounts with different OTAs.

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