Central Reservation System – Affiliate and non- Affiliate.

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A central reservation system might also serve as an inter-property communications network, an  accounting transfer system, or a destination center. For instance, a central reservation system is used as an accounting transfer system when the hotel chain communicates operating data with the company headquarters for processing.

There are two types of central reservation system- “Affiliate” and “Non-Affiliate”.


It refers to a hotel chain’s reservation system where all the participating properties are contractually related. Hotel chains link their reservation operations to reduce overall system costs and simplify the processing of reservations. The main advantages of an affiliate reservation system are as follows:

  • Streamlines the process of reservation
  • Reduce overall system costs
  • Attracts business to another property of the chain

Affiliate reservation networks might serve, in addition to their main function, other duties as mentioned here:

  • Inter-property communication network
  • Accounting transfer tool
  • Destination information centre
  • Connection with a global distribution system(gds), a system that includes several central reservation system offices connected to each other.

Referral  may also be made to properties whose locations might appear more useful or appropriate to the guest’s needs. Affiliate reservation networks, which even allow non-chain properties to join the system, are able to represent a broader market . These non-chain properties are reffered to as overflow facilities. Reservation requests are routed to overflow facilities only after all available rooms within the properties of a chain in a specific geographical area have been booked.


It is a system designed independent or non-chain properties. Non –affiliate reservation networks allow autonomous hotel operators to enjoy many of the same benefits that chain affiliated operators do. Central reservation office, potential guest, and independent member hotels are the modules of a non affiliate system. A non-affiliate network usually takes up the responsibility of advertising its services just like a affiliate reservation network.

Thus depending upon the need of the hotel and type of the hotel one can choose between an Affiliate system or a non-affiliate system of Central Reservation System.

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