What is Jini Hive ( Hotel Channel Manager )

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If we actually need to get a first hand thrilling experience of our extraordinary future here’s the solution for it.

Channel Manager is a solution provided by the high end technology to the issues that many hoteliers face in todays predominately marketplace. It helps the ease of managing and implementing rates strategy, and the number of channels you work with, despite the intricacy level.

Bookingjini’s Jini Hive or Channel Manager centralizes and automates the process of updating channels –which otherwise has to be done manually by logging into each channel’s management system.

A good Channel Manager increases competence, increases allocation, prevents physical errors, and provides comprehensive reports of every channel.

It could also relate to the strategy of managing which channels you choose to list on, how you analyze the top performing channels, and how you can optimize your connections to make more revenue at your hotel.

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Channel Management Strategy

Channel management technology enables you to make this network for your property. Applying manual practices means you can only wish to use a couple of channels and maintain them correctly and in good time.

Managing 10 channels, for example, on your own is unfeasible to carry on. This means you’ve got to forego many lucrative booking opportunities. A channel manager allows for as many channel connections as you would like without increasing workload.

Online distribution & online travel agents has become necessary. When you start using these various channels to assist reach new markets and increase your bookings, it requires tons of management and strategy.

We must be able to check:

  • What your ideal channel mix is
  • How many channels you want to use
  • How you optimize your profile
  • How often you want to fine-tune your rates
  • What promotions you want to run
  • The extras you offer on your channels
  • How you combat your competition

How can a Channel Manager Improve your Business:-

There’s a lot more to a channel manager than merely making life easier for when updating your rates and accessibility.

Bookingjini’s Channel Manager is used to perform many tasks when managing any hotel and its benefits which are two-fold in how it can increase bookings and revenue, and enable long term business planning.

Let’s take a closer & deeper look:-

1. Increase Online Bookings

With telephone and walk-in bookings on the decline and online bookings on the rise, a channel manager places you in the best position to take advantage of this new traveler booking habit. Connect to more online channels, where more travelers than ever are locking in their stays.

2. Increase Hotel Revenue

A channel manager displays live rates and availability across all your channels at the same time, and update automatically you can accept bookings faster and almost eliminate the chance of double bookings. In addition, the info you’ll analyze from your channel manager can ensure your rates are always optimized and you’re using the foremost lucrative channels.

3. Reduce the Risk of Overbooking

Without a channel manager, you’re forced to separate your inventory between channels and risk double-bookings or failing to succeed in full occupancy. Pooled inventory and automatic updates of availability and rates in real time means guests can only ever book an area that’s actually available.

4. Boost Direct Bookings

It may seem illogical but it’s true! Many travelers will discover your property first on an OTA, but they want to learn more about you before they book. Often they will visit your website and then make the choice to book their stay. So you get an immediate sale, but it had been born on the OTA site – leading to greater profit for your hotel. This is known as the billboard effect.

5. Remove Manual Processes

Manual data entry is lengthy and frustrating, we all know that. If you were to use a channel manager and take away this friction, you’d realize just what proportion more productive you’ll be. Anything that has got to be placed on hold can now be prioritized to enhance your business.

6. Keep Everyone on the Same Page

Quality channel managers are very easy to use and hotels on a regular basis have multiple staff members using the system. If the most users goes away or won’t be available to form updates they will easily mark important dates within the system so most are aware if they need to change a rate or an in depth an area etc. For example, they’ll mark school holiday periods so rates are often increased during these peak times.

Interesting & customer helpful perspective is the need of the hour & Bookingjini’s Channel Manager understands this very well. As we know there are many channel managers in the market. Some are suited to small properties while others are strong enough to handle even large chains. Channel Management keeps you on top of your business all the time.

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