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In today’s digital world, hoteliers face a variety of challenges to manage their business effectively. To address these issues,Bookingjini’s high end technology provides a solution i.e Channel Manager. This tool helps hoteliers to maintain an effective and efficient relationship with their customers by managing all the online channels in one place. It allows them to update rates easily and availability on multiple booking sites, as well as manage reservations, cancellations and other tasks. With this tool, hoteliers can also monitor their performance in real time and make informed decisions that will benefit their business. In addition, it also helps them save time and money by automating manual processes. With its many features and benefits, it is no wonder that Channel Manager is becoming an essential part of the hospitality industry.

It helps the ease of managing and implementing rates strategy, and the number of channels you work with, despite the intricacy level.

It centralizes and automates the process of updating channels –which otherwise has to be done manually by logging into each channel’s management system.

It increases competence, increases allocation, prevents physical errors, and provides comprehensive reports of every channel.

It could also relate to the strategy of managing which channels you choose to list on, how you analyze the top performing channels, and how you can optimize your connections to make more revenue at your hotel.

Capturing the Power of the Online Travel MarketplaceOnline distribution and the use of online travel agents (OTAs) have become crucial for reaching new markets and increasing bookings. However, managing and strategizing for these channels can be complex. It is important to determine the ideal mix of channels, the number of channels to use, optimize profiles, fine-tune rates regularly, plan promotions, offer extras on channels, and address competition.


One Dashboard for everything-Managing multiple channels for your hotel can be a tedious job. But here, you get to control all your channels from a single dashboard. Set availability, rates, minimum stay and cancellation policies with just one click. Its feature is trusted by hotels across the world and has saved them time and money. Try it today to take your hotel business to the next level!

Reach More travelers

This platform allows you to set your availability, rates, minimum stay in all the online travel partners for your hotel from all in one place. Simple-to-use dashboard makes it effortless for you to increase bookings and maximize occupancy.

Boost Room Sales

This platform is designed to help you save time and money by automating the various sops to manage room sales. Plus, the system integrates with all popular online booking sites, so you can get more bookings from more sources.

Automate PMS Sync

Automated PMS Sync simplifies the process by providing a seamless connection between the hotel’s channel manager and the PMS. This allows them to manage all their reservations(both online and offline) in one place, quickly view availability and make necessary changes with just a few clicks.

Reporting and analytics

The ability to generate detailed reports and analytics on occupancy rates, revenue per room, and other metrics. This can help hoteliers understand the performance of their hotel and make data-driven decisions.

Keep Everyone on the Same PageEnsuring everyone is on the same page is crucial for successful channel management. Quality channel management software is user-friendly and can be used by multiple staff members. If a team member is unavailable to make updates, important dates can be marked within the system for awareness, such as school holiday periods when rates may need to be increased. A customer-focused approach is essential and Bookingjini’s Channel Manager understands this well. There are many channel managers available, some suitable for small properties and others for large chains. Channel management helps you stay on top of your business always.

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