Discounts and Offers Attracting Sales!

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Attract Customers with Attractive Offers.

Customers are always attracted towards offers and discounts which will give them added benefits on the price front and help them enjoy themselves to the fullest without having to burn a hole in their pocket. Customers in a frenzy vacation mood are always on the lookout for these attractive offers are always on a run to avail it.

So, hoteliers should always be ready to give attractive offers and attract these customers to boost your bookings and create a good and valuable name among your valuable customer. Offers and discounts can be given in various forms.
It’s very important what you call your offer. If you call it “FREE” and “EXCLUSIVE”, then its definitely going to garner attractions because of the fact that humans always turn their heads towards whatever is “FREE” or “SPECIAL”.

So, it’s very important how well you market that offer or discount which you are providing. Offers can also be on the basis of events and festivals. Like for example, now it’s the time of the biggest gala of the year and people are gearing up for it. People are ready to welcome the new year with great pomp and show and in a celebratory mood. Now is the time to play your offers and discount card and see how well you attract customers.

Hotels can always give a discount on its services like spas, jacuzzi, etc. and always attract customers to these services. Your customer is valuable to you and you should work in the best way possible to give them the best service.

Food is the best thing to attract your customer with. Good food is good mood and if this delicious spread of food comes at a discount then it further exhilarates the mood if your customer. You can always give a discount on meals and also give complimentary ones such as free breakfast and free snacks.

Regular customers are loyal customers and giving them extra discount will help the hotels to retain them and make them feel special and which will always make their heads turn towards you whenever they need to book. Similarly, a way to attract a new customer is to give discounts to any new customer who is coming in.

Discounts can also go by the name such as “Two-night stay in our luxury studio apartment with complimentary champagne”, which will attract couples who would like to spend quality time together. You can also offer special discounts on extended stays and extra use of services which will compel the customer to stay over for a longer time.

Festivals are a time when people are in a jovial mood so giving them extra discounts on drinks and beverages and giving them complimentary ones will draw them to you. A good deal will definitely seal your faith on your customers.

Exclusive deals are a way forward towards a greater number of bookings and it all depends upon the hoteliers that how well they crack that festive code to give that amazing deal to the customer which will help them to attract them.

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