Tips and Tricks to boost your Summer Hotel Business!

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With the chilly winter breeze ceasing to numb you anymore, with flowers blooming, and with the hot sultry winds already beating against your face, it’s obvious that summer is here.

Summer Season, a season which greets you with delicious food items but also burns you down. It’s the time when your hair gets lighter, skin gets darker, water gets warmer and your drinks get colder. It’s one of the seasons with its beautiful landscape out there to mesmerize anyone but also comes at a cost of prickly heat draining your body out.

In India, Summer Season is the time when people go out for vacations because of the long vacations that children get. People living down under in the subcontinent throng to places in the North to soothe themselves in the cool atmosphere and to save themselves from the rash weather in those regions. Hoteliers in these have a blast but also a tough time managing the plethora of tourists coming to them.

Since it is the favorite season for vacation, it’s obvious that the Hotels are books to their capacity and managing a house-full of guests is often a herculean task and hoteliers make sure that they don’t miss out on any opportunity to impress them and make their customers a regular guest during every vacation.

So, here are some tips, which can help all the hoteliers in managing their summer guests and make their stay at their hotel the coolest one they have ever had.

Proper Homework – Though the summer vacations haven’t started yet but it is good time to prepare for the rush that is going to come in. You should engage yourself in readying up your artillery for the vacation season. It’s better to be prepared because remember that prevention is better than cure. So, to prevent any last-minute hiccups you should always be better prepared for it.

Research should be done on the estimated footfall, type of events to be conducted, count on the available staff, the condition of the hotel, etc.

Ensure a stay that is cool on your guest’s mind and not taxing upon them in the pinching heat. Create that perfect summer getaway for your guests.

Mind-mapping customer preferences– It’s a very important service-related attribute which should be adopted by every hotel. It’s very important to know your customer, where they come from, and everything. Your guest might be coming for the first time to your hotel so it’s very important for them to feel comfortable at the hands of your valuable services.

You should have deep knowledge where your customer is coming from and what they want. For example, someone might be coming from deep down south to the hills to enjoy the cool breeze so your services should be in-line with his needs and whatever which makes him comfortable.

Remember a cool customer during summer at your hotel is all that you need so act according to their needs to make this tiresome season a memorable one for them.

Events– Summer Vacation means late night dining with near and dear ones and enjoying delicacies and drinks to chill them out and to relax them during the taxing summer. Here, are a list of events which you can choose from:

  • Open-mike– Vacations are a great time to meet new people and bond with them. Hotels can organize open-mike sessions to encourage the talent within people and showcase them. It can be a great time for everyone where everybody can hang-out and groove to some music.
  • Food Festivals– Well, this is the most important event for any hotelier and how can we forget this. Summer Seasons gives you a range of food options to choose from. From fruits to vegetables. It’s the season of mangoes, the king of fruits and you know what not you can create with them. Food festivals are the way to bond with people as food starts conversations, so organizing food festivals will be an eventful one for the hotels.

You can also go for drinks festivals serving up all the cool drinks possible. It’s the season of enjoying cool drinks down your throat, so maximize this to the ultimate.

  • Rain Dance– Summer is the time when everyone wants to be soaked up in a cool atmosphere and enjoy themselves and so what can be more ravishing than rain dance events with people grooving to their favorite beats. Get a DJ and install sprinklers and set the mood for your guests to just kick-off summer season with a bash.

Skilled Staff– As mentioned earlier summer season is a rush for hoteliers, it is very important for hoteliers to maintain a staff for the high-rush season. Hoteliers should hire more people if needed to keep the guests moving and not stagnate them over low-staff excuses. Skilled staff is also a very important aspect when it comes to this and it should be kept in mind while hiring.

Your hotel should also be summer ready and you should get any renovation done as fast as you can because the season is just around the corner.

Marketing– Hit the social media right now to create a hype of all the things that can be done at your hotel which will attract your potential customers and keep them curious about visiting your hotel.

Hoteliers should create info-graphics, videos of exciting things that can be done at their hotel and should also be uploading photos of all the activities.

So, don’t let this summer drain you out with its scorching heat and win over it by applying these tips and tricks. Let this summer be as beautiful as the season itself minus the heat and let your guest enjoy the warmth of your hospitality and not the season at your esteemed hotel.

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