Area of responsibility for housekeeping

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Area of responsibility for housekeeping

Housekeeping is an essential and regular feature in all types of establishments. In commercial establishments, the housekeeping services are done by a team of specialized people according to different areas. Below is a detailed list of areas, which need housekeeping.

  1. Rooms and Corridors: Ceiling and wall paint, wall paper, fans, air-conditioners, electrical switches and sockets, wiring, windows, doors, glass panes, bed, bed-making, carpets, locks, keys etc.
  2. Toilets: Taps, sinks, water closets, geysers, water supply, electrical sockets and switches, supply of towels, toilet paper, toiletries (soap, shampoo etc.).
  3. Linen: Linen (table napkin, tablecloth) towels, bed sheets, bed covers, blankets, garments of guests, staff uniforms etc.
  4. Furniture and furnishings: Furniture, curtains, table lamps, tube lights, chandeliers, bulbs, sofas, dining tables and chairs etc.
  5. Gardens: Plants, pots, lawns (grass), flowers, trees, bushes, hedges etc.
  6. Guestrooms/Floors: Room attendants and floor supervisors are responsible for the cleanliness, maintenance and security of guestrooms and surrounding areas.
  7. Public areas: Stair case, corridors, lobby, conference/seminar room, waiting halls, recreation room, parking area, clubs, swimming pool, offices, common toilets etc.

a) Front of the house areas (e.g. swimming pools, parking area, club, food service area etc.)

b) back of the house areas (e.g. staff canteen, service elevator, locker rooms, administrative canteen, laundry, linen rooms, basement, store except kitchen, which is cleaned by the kitchen stewards)

Role of Housekeeping
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