Converting Lookers to Bookers

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So you have the best hotel in town and every guest ends up talking about it when they leave. They always have good things to say about your hotel so when it came to setting up an online website for your hotel you knew that you will have bookings pour in. But a quarter later, when you sit down to analyse the reports you do not see a lot of bookings coming through the website even though you have a number of visitors checking the site. Did the users lose interest before they could complete the reservation? Let us find out how to convert those Lookers to Bookers.

Let the design do the talking

An engaging and a visually appealing design is helpful in making your website visitors stay and complete the reservation. While it is not the only factor, a compelling design can play an important role in completing the room reservations. In addition to the design being attractive

we are also talking about a simple booking system which is designed to allow the user complete the reservation quickly and easily. You do not want to overwhelm them with lots of fields to fill in which may make them think their decision all over again. Keep it simple and let the appeal of the design work its charm on your website visitors so that they are converted into bookers.

Invest in a good photo shoot. 

Every visitor will want to check the images of your hotel before they complete the reservation. So invest in a photographer who can capture the beauty of your hotel at its best and make them look beautiful – yet realistic – for your visitors. Keep them real so that your visitors do not complain of unrealistic images later. It may affect the overall worthiness of your hotel when you have images that may not match up to the hotel offerings.

Get a Good responsive and parallax website in place.

In one hand Technology has become better and better day by day and on the other it has become cheaper as well. Therefore, finding a Technology guy who can support end-to-end is very critical these days. Right from planning designing and hosting of the website to the integration of Booking engine in the website. Having too many tech guys working for you makes them easy to escape by passing the blame to the other tech guy with a lame excuse. This builds frustration in the mind of hotel owner.

Avoid showing the customer that you are using too many 3rd party software.

Every 3rd party software brings the pain of integration and the worst part is the action happens in the website (URL)  of the service provider. Such services are like payment gateway, booking engine, BotChats, video, Blogs etc. using API of the technology application where in there is no URL redirection does help the visitor of the website gain trust with the website and increase the booking by 20%.


What is the incentive of booking online? Do you have some special offers that your visitors can use when they complete an online reservation? Add special offers for customers booking online, so that they are sweetly coerced into complete the booking instead of thinking over it. This will boost your conversions and it will also increase customer satisfaction.

Build trust in your Bookers

It is imperative for hotels to offer a level of privacy and security to the customers when they book online. Make sure that your website guarantees that the information shared by the users will be confidential and it will not be sold to third parties. This will build trust in the users and they will find it easier to book online through your website, knowing that you will not misuse their personal information.

When your customers have the ability to book online instantly through the website with the least amount of hassle, then they will be converted easily from lookers to bookers. Website visitors usually move away from a website when they do not find the website to be attractive enough and the booking system to be easy for them. Follow these simple tips and you will find it easy to convert lookers into bookers.

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