The increasing popularity of Pop-Up Hotels: An alternative Room option.

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Change is the only constant and this evergreen proverb can be applied to any field that you can possibly name. In the same way the hospitality industry has also seen many turbulent changes.

From the very first hotel to the star ones. From offline bookings at the reception with an overtly professional receptionist who lures you with words to online bookings through OTAs or Direct Bookings through the Booking Engine for Hotels integrated on your Hotel’s website.

The services provided have also undergone changes so have the rooms. From small rooms to large suites. But as we had mentioned earlier change is the only constant rooms got to change too.

With the growth of millennial travellers Pop-Up Hotel Rooms have been on a rise nowadays. These travellers don’t go to places where they want to bask in luxury but go to places where they can experience the place in the most manner possible.

But the real question that arises that whether it will be able to give the same level of comfort as a real hotel room. Like living in a tent in the hills or in a comfortable homestay, there is a huge difference which kicks in when we speak about the two but the former will help you to experience the hills better which is more important.

These rooms are also more affordable than the big hotel rooms.
Pop-ups is not new to the customers as they might have already experienced it in restaurants, salons, etc. But experiencing them while they travel is the new demand. Pop-ups offer adventurous travellers an extremely sharable experience, something that plays well on social media and satisfies a desire to do something different while on holiday.

They help them to experience something better and something new than the monotonous task of booking-a-room and staying-in-a-room and going around the place and then coming back. They want to live with the place while they are they experience what they are really like.

In India pop-up room culture can be a huge hit. Hoteliers can target the various music festivals such as Sunburn, NH7 Weekender and others. They can put up camps near the venue and provide food and proper service just like they do in the hotels.

This will be more affordable for the people going there and it will provide a wonderful experience. The hoteliers can also tap on the various festivals around India such as Pushkar Mela, Rath Yatra and others. You can easily put up stays near these sites and excite your gusts about enjoying the festivals in the most amazing manner possible.

Pop-ups are natural hotel experience which are here to stay. What would you prefer, a five –star stay in Shimla or a camp stay in Shimla? Definitely you will go for the later one which will give you a whole new experience with the hills and help you live with the hills.

You can easily start out small by developing a concept and an idea on which you can work to give your guest a mind-boggling experience. Take for example Marriot, who has already started it by going for local music festivals. You have to decipher the attractions near you properly and work accordingly. Design and create your branded concept and trial pop-up experiences within sections of your existing hotel.

You can then collect feedback from guests and gauge their experience, before you decide whether the pop-up phenomenon is worth pursuing in earnest.
And to manage these pop-up rooms you always have a Channel Manager for Hotels which will help you to handle these properties well as it does for your hotel rooms.

So just pop-up with this experience among your guest which they well definitely like and which will definitely help them to experience a place even better.

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